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17. June 2017

An interview with Aziza Noguchi – director and founder of IQD  – the Institute of Dynamic Stillness in Brazil, teacher and Cranio-Sacral Integration Therapist.

«It is not my doing», she says, «it is just Grace». Aziza’s eyes glow when she talks about her work. Or maybe it is more accurate to call it her life, than her «work». 

The Health
We often use the word «health» to mean «not sick» or to not have any bodily problems. In the Cranio-Sacral Integration approach, «health» is used in a different way.

Let´s say a person with a chronic disease is dying, Aziza explains, There is no way that the person will recover the health in the sense that he will not die. So, how to die in a healthy way?

This is the most extreme example. The disease is there. Death is coming. But still the person can feel their Health and their perfection and go peacefully through the transition. Being connected with that «something» which never dies. With that «something» which was always there.

This is our possibility all the time. We don´t have to be dying to experience it. This is what we are offering. How to feel your perfection and your possibility to live your life in this moment, whatever your organism is going through. Whatever disease or symptom is there, whatever you feel or meet Health is always there, supporting everything.

Health is what is holding all dualities. Health is sometimes even creating an imbalance so that the organism can function in the best way. Sometimes disease is a way of giving balance to a person.

In this case, maybe something else first needs to be supported in that organism. Afterwards, maybe the disease can be resolved.


How does Cranio-Sacral Integration therapy work?
Clinical results in Cranio-Sacral Integration therapy come from learning how to cooperate with the biodynamic/embryological forces. This brings a very deep balance and health, because it reconnects the client with the original matrix of the Health which is perfect. The Health is always there, regardless of the condition of the client.

To communicate with it, we need to be neutral and develop a perceptual skill being able to see and feel the original matrix, and the perfection of it, through our senses.

That is what this training is about we learn how to bring our perceptual senses back to the original Health, learning to recognize and support these forces at work.

The biodynamic forces which create the embryo and which keep the Health in the embryo are not something the embryo does. It is just a happening.

We learn how to observe, to communicate with, and to perceive this happening. This takes a very deep sensing, listening and seeing a perceptual skill that is unveiled during the work with those forces.


“We recognize where the healing forces are coming from, and we bring our attention to that source, instead of to the conflict/problem. From that source the best resolutions will come.”


Where we have our attention
So it is not going against any symptoms, Aziza shares, it is not seeing any disease as something bad: «let´s get rid of that», «I don´t want to feel this». It is an acknowledging of what is and then bringing the attention to the Health, instead of to the conflict.

We bring the attention to co-operate with the best part of us.

When we first taste this, we start to bring this awareness into everything, into our lives: Where is my attention? Is it in the positive, or in the negative?

Is my mind still in the duality, or can I go into that which holds the duality without any conflict at all?

We recognize where the healing forces are coming from, and we bring our attention to that source, instead of to the conflict/problem. From that source the best resolutions will come.

Its not a doing
Whatever comes is a gift, says Aziza. The healing that happens is not our doing. Even the courses I am teaching are not my doing. I cannot take any credit for it. That makes everything very special.

It is a paradox. Because it is such a big thing, and it is not our doing. So what can I say? When we realize this, it makes the work even more special.


I think it will be wonderful to be in an energy field with so much love, that´s all that we need, right?


Coming to Dharma Mountain
For the first time, training in Cranio-Sacral Integration Therapy is happening at Dharma Mountain, Norway. The training is in 5 modules, and the first, called «Finding the Health», starts in August. Aziza is excited to come to Dharma Mountain to share her work. I think it will be wonderful to be in an energy field with so much love, she says, that´s all that we need, right? We can just inhale the atmosphere, or we can bring another dimension it, more of a healing aspect. Everything is there already. This is just another door.

Cranio-Sacral Integration Therapy is about the anatomy, physiology, and the healing forces. Everybody is already in contact with this. In the training we simply learn to recognize it better.

Aziza is very humble, and very grateful to be able to share this work – to have this as her life.

Through meetings with some teachers and masters I could find true Health, she says; That is my blessed job to help others in that direction as well.




Interview and photo of nature by Savini Aspholt

untitled_027Savini has been involved in the work around Swaha’s retreats for many years.
She enjoys writing and photography, and loves to dive into the depths of her own soul and of the forest.




More about Aziza, her path and Biodynamic Osteopathy:
Aziza works in the cities of Florionapolis and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here she runs clinics giving treatments to children in need, at a very low cost. It is her passion to work with them, and one of her main specializations is working with autistic children.

The results of her training courses are spreading in Brazil. It has been used with very good results in one of the main hospitals in Latin America – Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo, in the treatment of psychiatric patients. It is used in hospitals in Florianopolis, in many institutions & private clinics and in a non-governmental organization for children with special needs.


Finding her way
As a young adult, Aziza worked for five years as a dentist in Brazil.

In truth, she was not happy with her life nor with her work – nor with the conventional patterns of relating. She felt an urge to help people, not only on the physical level, but in their totality as human beings. Her father had died when she was 12 years old. In the time since then, questions about life & death, and a deeper perception of life, had been strong in her.

Aziza understood that to be able to help others, she first had to help herself.

This call brought her on a personal and spiritual journey which led her to travel to India, to Osho´s ashram in Pune. Here, she found her spiritual womb.

As she express it herself; «Aziza was born a meditation-lover with pleasure to study and appreciate the mystery of the human body».

She ended up staying in India for ten years.

It was in the ashram in Pune, in 1993, that she participated in her first craniosacral balancing training. She started to give sessions, to assist in the courses and workshops – and later to teach workshops herself. In 1997 she started to come back to Brazil, giving courses.In 2004 she started to give her first complete training there.

For many years Aziza went on looking for more guidance, studying with different cranio-sacral schools and teachers around the world. She created a unique curriculum and founded the Institute of Dynamic Stillness in Brazil, alongside the Association which supports this work.

As the years passed, she still felt that something was missing in her way of treating clients and teaching students. Then she met Dr James Jealous, an American Osteopath, and creator of Biodynamic Ostheopathy.

Aziza e Jim Jelous

Finding her teacher
Coming to Dr James Jealous for the first time in 2006, Aziza quickly realized that his teaching was very different from all the others teachers she had met before. (see below)

Dr James Jealous gave her permission to go on teaching in her Institute in Brazil, based on the Principles of Biodynamic Osteopathy rather than the biomechanical approach she had previously taught. She developed her own training, so that people without a medical background can learn to work successfuly, based on the principles of Dr James Jealous, who only teaches MD’s, Osteopaths and Dentists.

What is biodynamic Osteopathy?
The Principles of Biodynamic Osteopathy envisioned by Dr James Jealous, rescue the traditional principles from Dr Still, creator of the Osteopathy medicine and the final work of Dr Sutherland, creator of the Cranial Osteopathy, together with the study of embryology from Erich Blechschmidt.

Jealous’s concept of “the embryo” as ever present in the living organism is a key of Biodynamic Osteopathy. The embryo, as an archetype of perfect form, serves as a blueprint for our body’s ability to heal itself. The forces of embryogenesis become the forces of healing after birth.

www.jamesjealous.com for more information


Read more about the training that is happening 29th August – 2nd September at Dharma Mountain here.




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