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A frog finds water.

28. October 2017


Living in the desert
Once upon a time there lived a tiny little frog in the desert. He was so different from his family of desert reptiles and insects. His skin got easily burnt by the sun. He felt vulnerable but everyone told him: “Have more self-confidence, be stronger and faster, and you will be a wonderful reptile!” So he did his very best to put on a thick skin and to please everyone. But inside, he was still suffering from the heat. He did not know why he could not be as happy as everyone else.


The first raindrops
One day two of his reptile family members died. Sadly enough these two had been a bit more similar to him than the other reptiles. So he felt very desperate and alone now, almost like dying, too. In his struggle to find help he came to a spot in the desert where sometimes raindrops were falling down from the sky. What a relief! Water! There, he overheard the question “What would you do if you truly love yourself?” This changed everything. He instantly realized he had been longing for rain all his life. He knew he had to search for more rain, for a place beyond the desert.


The long journey
So he embarked on his journey and wandered through different landscapes and climate zones. He found nice flowers and little ponds, and was so overwhelmed that he cried of joy. He was tempted to settle down near the pond. But after a short while he felt uneasy and sad again. Yet, one sweet little butterfly and two buzzing bees appeared and showed him the way onward. So he survived the hard and tough days, too, relying on his trust and inner instinct that had grown stronger ever since he had left the desert.


Settling down
Finally he arrived at a place with very special rain: it was white and soft and cold, falling down slowly from the sky in a million different shapes; covering and cooling and healing his wounds. He was so happy that he had not given up on his journey because he finally felt at home in this new area. He even met some other creatures that had a similar frog-like appearance and he worked hard to learn their lingo. Some of his new friends eventually offered him to join their summer meeting.


The Lake of laughter and tears
He followed the invitation and joined a big crowd of frogs that gathered at a big and endless lake.

That is hilarious: searching for raindrops, he had finally come to an ocean! He almost won’t believe his eyes when he sees the other frogs jumping into the lake and swimming and splish-splashing. Full of excitement and astonishment he sits there in the shallow waters and realizes he is a frog that cannot swim. That makes him laugh and cry for hours and hours.


The miracle of the Master
While he is shivering with all the emotions that are coming up, his gaze is now focused on the calm water surface. There he can notice how a face gradually becomes visible, a face so kind and loving like nothing he had ever seen before. It is the big frog master! What a miracle! When the master is talking with his comforting voice, his sweet words fall onto the little frog`s body like a million little bubbles. His skin absorbs them eagerly and they fill his whole body with a love he has not known before. Life is so full of beauty. Life is just beauty. No longer is he waiting for someone to kiss him awake so that he can turn into a prince of the reptiles. His only desire is to be a real frog and to learn how to swim in the waters of unconditional love.

written by Rachana in a letter to Swaha during the Mystic Rose Retreat July-August 2017

Drawings by Kalan


Rachana150H_02Rachana loves trees and snow and dogs. After long travels she now lives not far away from Hedalen. Being a sannyasin gives her the love and the energy to start being creative and make life more beautiful.





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