A True Friend

So here it is again.
As sure as the King of Autumn arrives,
his companion also follows him.
I can do nothing other than welcome them both.
I can’t take the one without the other;
it is two sides of the same coin.
It is the law of nature – that night follows day.
And nature is in me;
I have forgotten about it on my way,
but starting to remember again, slowly.

In the darkness
I only come closer to myself.
The night only reminds me about
what I do not remember during the day.
There is nothing wrong with that.

This friend may be the one
I need to know most of all.
It is this friend that can teach me about myself,
who I really am.
And that is what he is – a friend.
Not an enemy, which I sometimes so easily can feel.
Just a friend who wants to show me who I am,
not who I think I am.
A true friend, a real friend.
Yes, he only mirrors everything
that has not been allowed to be seen,
he only mirrors what was not allowed
to come out into the light.
A true friend shows me everything.


It is like I am reborn in myself,
it is like I become a mother to myself
over and over again.
And again and again
it is like I look myself in the eyes
for the very first time.


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