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31. May 2019

Come. Come closer. Come closer to nature – that is what is happening in Dharma Mountain. The forest begins right at our front door and invites you immediately to unwind. During groups, workshops or retreats our guests love to stroll around in the breaks and explore the many places to relax, to meditate and take in all the beautiful nature around.

In this blog post we take you on a little photo safari and show you some of our favourite spots. Up close!

See if you can guess at which places (see map) the pictures were taken!

Write your answers here in the comments, or in our comments section on facebook or instagram. On June 28, 2019 we will randomly draw the winner from among all correct entries.

As the lucky winner you will receive a surprise package, made by Love & Nature, sent to you directly from Dharma Mountain. What we can unveil so far, is that it will contain a gift coupon for you!

On June 30, 2019 we have announced the lucky winner!

For all other ones, thank you for joining the challenge! We are happy to see you again! Come closer to nature – come and visit us!


Spot 1.

Dancing high


Spot 2.

Climbing up


Spot 3.

Wood vs. wood


Spot 4.

Stand by me


Spot 5.

Eternal spiral


Here is the correct solution:

1 = D
2 = A
3 = C
4 = E
5 = B

Good luck – the winner was drawn June 30, 2019. šŸ™‚ It is Surati! Congratulations!



More nature-related events happening soon at Dharma Mountain:

Tilstede – Helg med skogsbad og meditasjon


Illustration by Deva Dasi / Photos by Rachana




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