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Come out of writers block in 3 steps

1. September 2017

by Leena

Are you stopping yourself from being creative? Either with a small voice that lures you into avoidance and postponing, or with self-judgements that you are not talented, funny, original or smart enough? Find out what it is that stops you, how to let go and be more compassionate with yourself and come into the creative flow again, with these three simple steps.

This is a simple technique that I use in my writing groups, but it can be applied to any kind of creative work. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen!

1. Connect with a state of blockage and self-criticism that you tend to go into, and feel it in your body – body position, body sensation.

blueladyLet this state have a voice and character as if it was a person or an animal, and write it down. Give it shape and color and qualities and even a name if you want.

Let the images come without thinking so much. Your kind of block may be different from others. Maybe it is like a wet big dog lying on top of you. Maybe it is a nagging old lady. Or maybe it is a grey cloud that makes everything foggy. Let it speak and shout and say what it wants. Exaggerate it. Stop after 3 minutes.

2. Stop, breathe, and change your body position. Let go of the character, visualize it walking away from you, out of the door or window, and disappear in the forest or field or mountains or city.

111008_Norway_112-1-300x3003. Feel who you are without this character, give it space and breath inside you. Write down a message to yourself from this space.

You can of course also find your own way into this technique. The whole idea is to give space to it, to allow the troll to come into the light and be less serious. So writing it is one option, but you can also paint or draw or in other ways give it a figure and have FUN with it!


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