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DD Comics – What is healthy?

18. July 2015


Is your relationship with food mental?

Thinking about all the opinions – what we’ve heard, past experiences which may not be relevant to our bodies today. This can make the act of eating tense and difficult. Everything is so much more complex than we can ever figure out! Even our scientific discoveries are simplistic, dissecting everything into observable fragments. When I start to think about it, it’s really hard to know what to eat anymore.

So I want to start feeling more than knowing. I want to become more present and guided by my intuition. To remember the whole of me – fear and obsessive thinking can poison me far more than what I eat.

And when I’m happy, relaxed and grateful for the sustenance of the earth, it feels like whatever I’m eating is fit for gods.


Deva Dasha lives in Norway in a patch of mystical mountains populated with nature spirits, dwarves and moose. Her interests include smelling, laughing, loving and being sensitive with an open heart. She wishes peace to all beings in the universe.


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