Dharma Mountain Childrens Camp

Welcome to Childrens Camp at Dharma Mountain.

We invite children and parents to a fun camp!

American/Indian day (maybe we sleep over), canoeing, playful games, dance, Tai Chi, creative arts, healthy good food + + !


Children NOK 1500,- for the first one and NOK 1000,- for siblings.

Adult price is NOK 2500,-.  Children are then between 3 and 16.  Children under 3 can go for free…

This is a camp where each child will need to bring a responsible adult. We will take care of all the rest!

Anisha Skeide will be responsible for this activity.  For any question about the camp, please connect to Anisha here: aniskeid@online.no.

For booking your participation, please send an email to welcome@dharmamountain.com.

The deadline for booking is july, 15th.

Dear children, you are most welcome!


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