Conscious Relating – Talib and Shubhaa

8 - 11 September 2016
We see Conscious Relating as a way of living. Our relationships as opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually, strengthening our personal potential, self value and capacity to share love. 

Understanding how we can develop emotional and physical intelligent relationships is fundamental for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of people close to us. 

During these days we will explore 4 major centers of intelligence in our bodies which knowingly or unknowingly effects directly our ways of relating. These centers enable a deeper contact to our self-confidedence, empowerment with our boundaries, a strong sense of meaning, value and safety to feel sensual and alive.  

This workshop also teaches tools to include our basic needs for “freedom” and “safety” in our relations….which normally are issues for most of us when we begin relating or as intimacy deepens. The intelligence of attraction and the need for safety can be doorways to explore ourselves and discovering who we are on a deeper level. 

During this workshop we will also learn & explore: 
• Relationship as a doorway to spirituality and personal development
• Our attractions as a mirror unto ourselves
• Conscious sensuality – healing attachment wounds through the power of touch
• Empowered boundaries and individual expression of our authentic YES and NO in intimate connections. 
• Re-centering into authentic meaning of what is essential to our wellbeing, aliveness and joy. 
• Rewiring our inner relationship to our past through curiosity, openness, acceptance and love

Talib and Shubhaa Fisher have been working together since 2006, sharing their experiences as a couple with clients and people who long to discover and walk a path of Conscious Relating.

Workshop Price after August 1st: 3400 SEK (incl. VAT)
Payment in advance through Conscious Relating booking system.
NOTE: This workshop is for individuals & couples both.

Accommodation & Food:
Double Room: 2850NOK (incl. VAT) + 190NOK (if you need to rent linens+towel)
Single Room (upon request and availability): 3450NOK (incl. VAT) + 190NOK (if you need to rent linens+towel)
Payable by card directly to Dharma Mountain upon arrival.


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