Healing Transformation with Qigong

29 December 2017 - 2 January 2018

with Sebastian Bauer

With panoramic views of the peaks of Valdres and Vassfaret we welcome you to this new year’s retreat with one of Germany’s foremost qigong teachers; Sebastian Bauer. This retreat is for you who want a very powerful transition to a new year. Here you will be guided in healing qigong exercises, enjoy delicious vegetarian food, meditations, silence and tranquility – and in addition you’ll receive energy transfers from Sebastian that will strengthen your consciousness.

Letting go of the old…and ready for the new
January and New Year is a very good time to retreat and go into silence. The theme and focus of this Healing Transformation Retreat is the reflection of the year that has gone and prepare for the new one to come. It involves inner work around what kind of change you want. Besides guided exercises, meditations and energy work for the soul, this week also offers insights and inspiration from seminar leader Sebastian Bauer. In addition, the course provides a lot of room for reflection and tranquility. The group’s strong energy field and the energetic cleansing of body and mind form a framework that supports healing and stimulates self-work.
Retreating in silence enables profound rest and recreation. After a while, the identification with the body and the outer world changes to an ever closer contact with the soul and the inner world. The dark winter months are a great time for this!


In the depths of silence begins is a powerful process, which makes you more aware of yourself and others. It opens up new perspectives. You can see things clearer, thoughts get calmer and what matters to you becomes clearer. An important aspect of the retreat is to look deeper into their own life theme. This helps us energetically strengthen our positive qualities and characteristics and let go of old and less positive patterns and habits. It all happens under the guidance of the highly experienced instructor and therapist Sebastian Bauer.

Schedule:  The first three days (Friday to Sunday) we prepare to immerse ourselves in silence. The other days (from Sunday after midnight and to Tuesday night) we spend in silence.

About Sebastian Bauer

Sebastian 1


Sebastian Bauer is of the most experienced qigong teachers in Germany. He is certified to educate qigong teachers in Germany and has taught thousands of participants at courses and courses throughout Europe and the United States. Sebastian started practicing taijiquan at the age of 17, and shortly afterwards he discovered qigong and has been practicing it for over 20 years. For more than ten years he has worked full time with qigong in Berlin.
Sebastian describes his experience with qigong like this:
“What I particularly like about qigong is the immediate experience gained with the energy (qi) that strengthens your health and transforms you as a person. The exercises are so extensive in what they help for both body, psyche and soul. Knowledge of the life energy (qi) in traditional Chinese medicine and the connection between energy and health is a very valuable aspect of qigong. “
Sebastian moved to Norway in August 2016 and has since had the pleasure of continuing and communicating the great qigong exercises here. Time after time he is motivated by seeing how the course participants get rid of ailments and achieve very good results from the exercises. You can read more about Sebastian and qigong on his website here: www.qigong-tkm.no

Special Offer until 3rd December

Living at Dharma; 7.470,- (Full price 8.300)
Living at home; 6.270 NOK (full price 7.100 NOK)
Price includes 4 nights in shared room in cozy cabin, 3 vegetarian meals per day.

Booking: Outer and Inner Journeys


Qigong is one of humanity’s oldest methods of healing and a powerful treasure of wisdom.
Qi is the energy flowing through us and all living being. In China, a harmonious and unimpeded flow of qi in the body, as well as strengthening the qi, is considered vital to health and vitality. The positive effect – especially against stress – is also documented by Western research. Through regular training, blockages are solved, so that energy can flow again through organs and meridians.
Even negative feelings and stress are counteracted by qigong, as they may also be due to qi blockages. Regular exercise leads to inner balance, clear thinking, well-being and more joy in life. In addition to the health-promoting effect, qigong makes it possible to rediscover our true nature and develop our hidden potentials.

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