Into the Mystic

14 - 18/21 August 2019

A week of light, ease, laughter & creative play!

A squam gathering with Lori Ann GrahamAutumn Fussell and Karen Stevens will be joining Elizabeth Duvivier and Meg Fussell on this adventure into our heart-center through stories, stitching, knitting, making, mixed-media, meditation and journaling.

As with all Squam gatherings, each person will be encouraged to listen to their heart and follow their own drummer to create the experience they most want and need. However, if there were a way to describe what will be true for us all, it could be said that our time together we will be grounded in:

  • process versus productivity
  • creativity as a central way of being in the world
  • sharing stories and laughter
  • finding more ease, more joy and more light in our hearts.

With this as our intention, we can expect to return home feeling more deeply aligned with our core self which allows us to provide greater service to our families and communities as we can feel refreshed with renewed clarity, vision and vitality.

Of course the core of what brings us together is the intention to spend time in nature and creative exploration. This gathering is designed for each of us to focus on those aspects of our life we want to expand into with more light, more ease. And, these days tucked away into this magical landscape will provide the space to let go of those aspects of our life we are ready to release.

In other words, wherever you are on your journey–whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of a chapter in your life– these five days will help you make the transition to the next place sweetly and filled with grace.

With our gentle-hearted teachers offering classes to support and inspire you, be ready for exploration into spirit as well as fun in a range of making: stitching, knitting, writing, and a host of mixed media play. The pace of the gathering is all about easy, nurturing energies that will allow us to let go and sink into our own individual ways of creative expression. The schedule is designed so that each workshop weaves organically into the next. That way, the central theme(s) you choose to explore can carry over seamlessly and your work will be enriched and expanded from each of these different access points.



• Journal Play

• A sacred Stitch Offering

• Stitching a new story

• Wander in Wonder

• Living Your Myth


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