Mindfulness and Therapeutic yoga with Jonathan Weber

19th - 21st January 2018

Weekend Winter retreat

Treat yourself to a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend at the beginning of the new year. In the beautiful setting of Dharma Mountain Meditation resort, sink into the silent nature and reconnect with your inner peace through mindfulness, meditation, and therapeutic yoga. 

This is a perfect opportunity to explore mindful living, set the tone for the year to come, take a much-needed time out for self-care, or simply to enjoy the beauty of Norwegian winter in a supportive community.
The therapeutic yoga will be gentle and accessible to everyone, with a soft flow, yin and restorative styles, as well as mindful movement. The meditations will be guided, and there will be talks on deepening in the practice. The mornings will be in silence, for a richer experience of mindfulness, with an introduction to mindful eating and walking. Enjoy 6 delicious vegetarian meals prepared with love, an optional sauna, and time for yourself to just Be.

Dharma Mountain is located in beautiful Hedalen, Valdres, about 2 hrs drive from Oslo. There are popular skiing areas nearby, and you may choose to ski in the afternoon on Sunday, after the retreat. Also, you may stay an extra night at the resort before or after to extend your retreat, for an added 450 kr.

Retreat info:

Arrive (17.00) for dinner on Friday until lunch on Sunday afternoon.
6 meals

Early-bird price: 3.200 NOK (before December 18)
Regular price: 3.600 NOK

Price is for shared double-room. Single room can be ordered for an additional 200 per night.

Price living it home: 2.600 NOK (before December 18)
Regular price: 3.000 NOK

To register, visit: osloyoga.no/workshops
For more information on the retreat or questions, message Jonathan: 94249479


About the retreat leader:
Jonathan Weber has 30 years of experience of meditation in the yogic traditions with extensive practice in Buddhism, and has been teaching mindfulness in Norway since 2006. He is certified in Mindful Therapeutic yoga and educated in MBSR through the Institute of Mindfulness-based Approaches. Jonathan brings a natural warmth, deep wisdom, and calm presence to his teaching.

More about Jonathan: jonathanweber.org


Testimonials from past retreat participants:

“It is extremely rewarding to take part in Jonathan Weber’s yoga and mindfulness. His calm and wise being makes you feel safe, which makes it easier to be attentive and present in movement and meditation. In fact, He doesn’t have to say much, his presence is enough.”
– Øydis 

“As an older man, stiff as a 2×4, Jonathan was very accommodating to my limited yoga skills. By the end of the third day, I was flowing and glowing with therapeutic yoga. Jonathan’s calm and smoothing voice had an amazing ability to help transcend my monkey mind and physical limitations… Overall, his workshop was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone wishing for deep calm, inner peace and healing.”
– Kim

“I found Jonathan a convincing teacher because of his life-long study & practice of various yogic and spiritual traditions, his calm authenticity, unassuming nature, and genuine care for his students. I greatly appreciated that his teaching balanced the presentation of information with yoga practice – with focus on the latter…. His incredibly calming and soothing voice fully transmitted the spiritually centering intention of the yoga practice to me, along with the wonderful music; his authentic nature and unassuming attitude made his guidance feel real, convincing, and healing in a way that touched my heart. I felt this retreat as guided by Jonathan was a deeply relaxing experience that pointed the way back to my essential self.”
– Andrea 

«Jeg kan, på det varmeste rett fra hjertet, anbefale å delta på Jonathans kurs/workshops’, da han er en fantastisk dyktig lærer. Hans kunnskap er stor og personlighet varm og genuin. Han formidler sin kunnskap på en strukturert og lett forståelig måte, med en behagelig stemme. Videre har han et stort repertoar, å spille på av øvelser, som han med en stødig hånd tilpasser for å imøtekomme ulike behov, i samspill med nydelig musikk og vakre dikt som leses med innlevelse. Jeg føler stor takknemlighet for å ha fått muligheten til å delta på hans undervisning og kommer til å delta igjen når muligheten byr seg!»
– Tina  

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