Move your limits – expressive theater

1 - 3 February 2019

Per Spildra Borg and Merete Klingen – the founders of STELLA POLARIS – welcome you to a workshop at Dharma Mountain! This weekend will be a journey to experience and meet your power through the methods of the STELLA POLARIS actor work.

We will through dance, song, movement and rhythm work open new doors for expression and communication. Part of the work will be outdoors in nature. By connecting with nature outside, we can connect deeper with our inner nature.

The workshop is open to everyone who wants to find inspiration and more joy and love in life, and for people who are simply curious to find out more about themselves through this human and artistic work.

Workshop, including accommodation (shared room), 6 meals 3.000 NOK

200 NOK extra per night for single room

190 NOK to rent bedlinene/towels

2.400 NOK living at home 

To confirm your place you need to pay a deposit of 600 NOK.Book your place here.

The weekend start with dinner at 1830 and ends with lunch on Sunday 14.00

2010 - Lukafa (5)

Merete Klingen

Founder and manager (leave of absence in 2018). She has a degree in theatre studies from the university of Gothebburg and university of Oslo in addition to her background in a.O. Teater Beljash.

Per Spildra Borg
Founder and artistic leader. Background in a.O. Saltkompagniet, Teater Beljash and Teatr Gardzienice.



More about Stella Polaris:

Meeting Stella Polaris is to many people an experience beyond time and limts. Stella Polaris is colours, explosions, energy, feelings and dreams. We are boundless, healing, multi cultural and spiritual. Stella Polaris is a state of mind, a journey on many levels. We are vessel sailing under the sky on our way to the thanksgiving feast for animals, gods and heros. For life and for death. On our way we are still in motion through dance, voice and music.

The ones who board our vessel are not coincidental. We are searching souls who were awoken and sail back through our forefathers expression and way of being, and through our journey we seek to wake others we encounter on our voyage.


Our world is full of loving and wild jesters, of lost and crazy originals that history has tried to wash away, but whom are alive in everyone’s subcounsciousness. We have returned to travel in a high-technological society, in a time of rush and flurry. We have sailed for over 20 years. Healing for some, for the enjoyment and surprise of many, and as long as there is wind in our sails we navigate onwards on the sea of immortality.


Life on earth is a battle. A battle that is fought in all parts of our being, and therefore you must remember that love is the power that heals and replenishes all life on earth.

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