Mukti – Music & Mantra

13 - 15 January 2017

A weekend devoted to get in touch with our inner songs, rhythms and heart beat through a variety of different workshops, mantra singing and concerts. Come join us and dive into the rhythms of life!

What is Mukti – Music & Mantra?
It is a weekend dedicated to all the happy hearts who feel the call to join the inner and outer celebrations of life. Mukti is a sanskrit word and it means “freedom from the bondage of the mind, freedom from the ego” Together with musicians, facilitators/teachers and you – we want to create a space together – share freedom, silence, love, creativity and joy!

Situated in the mountains of Southern Norway, the location is worth experiencing in itself.

Our contributors are diverse, creative and talented, check out the list here:

  • Concert – Satyaa & Pari
  • Drumcircle –  Mikael Khei
  • Kundalini Gong Yoga – Anita Vår
  • Song Sourcing – Michael Stillwater
  • Gong Bath – Anita Vår
  • TaKeTina – Mikael Khei
  • Winter Forest – outdoor (bring warm clothes!)
  • Honoring Ceremony – Michael Stillwater
  • Mantra singing – Satyaa & Pari
  • Yoga & Mantra – Vimal & Thangam
  • 5Rhythms – Erik Søyland
  • In Search of the Great Song – movie by Doris Laesser Stillwater & Michael Stillwater
  • Flow Yoga – Anita Vår
  • Open mic – you!

Early Bird – Book your place today or before 13th December and save 600 NOK. Limited spaces.
Eealy Bird = EB = if deposit is paid before 13th December and the rest upon arrival
Late Bird = LB = if deposit is paid after 13th December
Full Mukti: program, meals, staying in cabin =  EB 2500 NOK / LB 3100 NOK
Half Mukti: program and meals (staying at home) = EB 2000 NOK / LB 2600 NOK

Only program:  3 days  = EB 1200 NOK / LB 1800 NOK
Day pas (only program): Friday = 400 NOK, Saurday = 900 NOK, Sunday = 700 NOK

Only concert with Satyaa & Pari: 350 NOK (Saturday 14th January at 20.00)
Only concert with Satyaa & Pari: & dinner:  550 NOK

Children under 16 years  – half price

How to book?

To sign up for the weekend just send us an e-mail or fill in the box at this page with your name and choice of ticket to
To confirm your place you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of 600 NOK. If paid before 13th December you will get the Early Bird price!

More about the artists / teacher and workshops!


Satyaa and Pari belong to the most popular live-musicians in the area of Mantra Music in our times. Deeply rooted in the yogic world and wisdom of the Mantras, they are at the same time open and up to date, which makes the healing power of the ancient Mantras also accessable in our everyday lives here and now. They are known as  pioneers of Mantra and Chant Music in the West and their songs, mostly self composed, have that divine spark that touches body, heart and soul.

Saturday – Concert 20.00
Sunday – Mantra Singing 09.30


Song Sourcing 
In a SongSourcing workshop, beginners discover their voice, open their heart, and learn more about the gift of their own presence. Those already comfortable with their singing voice meet new creative possibilities.  It is a communication practice helping anyone overcome fear and embrace their own heart, created in a safe place for your innocence and wisdom to coexist in the presence of your unknowing.
Saturday 14.30

The Honoring combines the transformative power of music with the shared intention of participants. Our inherent worth and capacity for empathy and compassion is recognized. Original songs are created in the moment which simultaneousy benefit the recipient and the other participants. The power of presence and intention is echoed through participant-sung choruses.
Sunday 12.00

About Michael Stillwater:
An artistic innovator using music, words, and images, he is an award-winning songwriter, recording artist, filmmaker, photographer, illustrator and educator. Michael artistically addresses the essence of societal issues, hearing music in the moment, capturing beauty in the familiar, and evoking creativity in the imagination.


Drum Circle 
Life is rythm. In a drumcircle all the individual players create a everchanging melody. In a creative and playful way will Mikael guide us into a big orchestra of drums. As the participants relax, enjoy and explore the music, their natural creativity and curiosity emerges and the rhythms grow and change.
Friday 19.30

Is there such a thing as primordial force and primeval rhythm? Mikael says yes! The TaKeTiNa process allows for a contact with rhythm that reaches right into the instinctive in us. Many feel reminiscent in the TaKeTiNa circle; tribal feelings and thoughts of timeless rituals surface when we move and sing rhythmic as a group. TaKeTiNa uses live music in the process, but participants need no musical training to join. Participants experience trust, less fear of making mistakes and inner silence. Feelings of freedom are also common, even though TaKeTiNa works with very clear structures.
Saturday 10.00

About Mikael Khei: He brings rhythm, joy and enthusiasm to the world! He is internationally renown as a rhythm facilitator, and a pioneer in Scandinavia with facilitated drum-circles and TaKeTiNa. Years of experience, passion for the work, humbleness toward the participants and teaching in his fingertips enables the programs to support participants individually as well as members of a group.



Kundalini Gong Yoga 
The Yoga of Awareness – an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practise. Incoperating movement, dynamich breathing, meditation, chanting mantras and relexation with the healing vibration of the Gong.
Saturday 11.45

Gong Bath – Sacred sound for healing
A Gong Bath is a relaxing and blissful experience. It is a sound massage for the body and the mind. The vibrating and healing sounds from the Gong may reduce stress and create alter conciousness and create a deep sense of peace and well being.

Saturday 17.30

Good Morning Yoga Flow  
A beautiful blend of Yin and Kundalini Yoga to rise and shine. It is for everybody.
Sunday 07.00

About Anita Vår: She loves to share the beautiful practise of yoga, meditation and the healing vibrations of the Gong. International qualified  Kundalini Yoga teacher from Kundalini Research Intitute in New Mexico, USA, Therapeutic Mindful Hatha and Yin yoga teacher. A passionate Gong player. Founder and operater of a Yoga – Biodanza and Gong studio at Senter for levende Helse in Florø at the beautiful West Coast of Norway


In Search of the Great Song – Movie
“A feast for the eyes, the ears, the mind, the limbic system of the brain and much more. This film is a masterpiece, an inner bridge to the Self that will leave you richer, long after you’ve seen it.”

– Shuddha Anami, MD


Co-produced by Michael Stillwater and Doris Laesser Stillwater, who will introduce us to this beautiful and touching movie. Recipient of Best Documentary at the Moondance Film Festival and Honorable Mention at International Film Festival Berlin, it explores the question “What is the Great Song for you?” while celebrating the universal current pulsing through all life. The film also serves as inspiration for the weekend program and for Michael’s Saturday Song Sourcing workshop.
Friday 21.00



5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice—a practice of being in your body—that ignites creativity, connection, and community.

About Erik Søyland: Dance has followed Erik in all phases of life. In 2003 came the 5Rhythms to him and this has since then been his spiritual practice. In 2014 he graduated as a 5 Rhythms teacher and has since then been teaching. His style is dynamic and full of fire, combined with his soft presence. He likes to “set fire to the dance floor and loves to see bodies dive into the mystery of dance. Read more here. 

Friday 16.00
Sunday 11.00

Friday – Heart Beat Day
16.00 – 5Rhythms – Erik Søyland
18.00 – Welcome Dinner with Ojas on piano
19.00 – Opening circle
19.30 – Drum circle with Mikael Khei
21.00 –  Movie “Search of the Great Song” – introduction with Doris Laesser & Michael Stillwater

Saturday – Magic Sounds Day
07.00 – Morning yoga – Vimal & Thangam
08.00 – Breakfast
10.00 – TaKeTiNa – Mikael Khei
11.45 – Kundalini Gong Yoga – Anita Vår
13.00 – Lunch
14.15 – Song Sourcing
17.30 – Gong Bath – Anita Vår
17.30 – Winter Forest (we go outside!)
18.30 – Dinner
20.00 – Satya Pari Concert

Sunday – Your Songs Day
07.00 – Morning Flow Yoga – Anita Vår
08.00 – Breakfast
09.30  – Mantra singing – Satyaa & Pari
11.00 – 5Rhythms – Erik Søyland
12.45 – Closing circle – Honoring Ceremony – Michael Stillwater
13.30 – Lunch
14.30 – Open Mic

* Be aware that the schedule can change, so just check here for updates!

Food & pleasure!

We love healthy food at Dharma Mountain – and all meals will be vegetarian.

Take extra care of yourself during the weekend with a variety of massage treatments, available for an additional fee.

How to pay?

Dharma Mountain AS
Account number 1594 44 22533
IBAN: NO 29 1594 44 22533
Swift/Bic-address: DNBANOKK
(People living in Norway do not need to use IBAN and Swift/Bic).

0021 Oslo

How to get here?
By car:
Dharma Mountain is located in Hedalen (Valdres), 2 hours drive from Oslo. From Oslo, follow E16 towards Hønefoss, then pass Hønefoss, follow the directions towards Fagernes (still E16). Approximately one hour drive after Hønefoss, you come to Nes i Ådal. Here, turn left at the sign to Hedalen. Follow the road up the valley, about 11 km. Then you will see the sign of Dharma Mountain.

By bus:
From Oslo, you can travel with the bus “Valdresekspressen” to Nes i Ådal (2 hrs).

From Bergen you can travel by train to Hønefoss or Nesbyen (about 4 hrs to Nesbyen).

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen, you can take the bus or train to Oslo, and from there go with “Valdresekspressen” from Oslo as described above. Or you can go by the bus “Askeladden” to Hønefoss, and from there go with “Valdresekspressen” to Nes i Ådal.

For information about bus schedules and prices, check:
For information about train, check:

From Nes i Ådal or from Nesbyen, you will need a ride or a taxi. For ordering taxi you can call +47 61349518, or ask us to make a reservation for you. The Taxi cost 250 NOK – and you share it if more people arrive at the same time,

Tips 1: If you arrive at Nes i Ådal at 1800 on Friday the “Taxi instead of Bus” will take you to Dharma Mountain for only 50 NOK.
Tips 2: Use the facebook event to connect with other people travelling here.

Come join us and dive into the rhythms of life!


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Alternative accomodation possible.
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