Relationships, Creativity and Play

17 - 19 May 2019

Workshop with Gillian Ferrabee & Erik Iversen

This workshop is for anyone who wants to elevate the quality of their relationships; this includes all types of relationships – with ourselves, with others and even with the world around us.

When you say the word ‘relationship’ people sometimes smile or sigh, harden or cringe, cry or laugh. Relationships are a source of great comfort and joy, and also of great frustration and stress.

Argh relationships!

So complicated! So hard! So necessary!

We’re here to bring you the good news that you could be having more fun in your relationships than you ever realized, including in your relationship with yourself.

Commitment and agreements are the architectural foundation for a strong and resilient relationship. Creativity and connection are the daily nourishment. Masterful collaborative play is what keeps us truly and fully engaged over time.

Over our two days together we will cover three key practices for creating relationships that thrive on appreciation, celebration, creativity and fun:

  1. Crafting clear commitments and agreements.
    – how they create a strong foundation for creativity and play. We will talk about what the difference between the two is, and how to compose and design commitments and agreements that harness the energy of intentionality and create flow in your RELATIONSHIPS.
    (For example, I made a commitment with myself this year (2019) to dance every day. And Erik and I have an agreement to meditated together for a minimum of 15 minutes every day.)
  2. Prioritizing creativity and connection.
    We will explore what CREATIVITY is and all the ways that it shows up in our lives, and then we will walk (and dance) through the arc of the creative process form A to Z. And finally, we will share our tools for identifying your own unique entry points, sweet spots and gifts for collaboration.
  3. Mastering collaborative play.
    We will explore the definition of play, and learn to recognize our own play history and play personalities (inspired by the work of Stuart Brown). And then we will play! Improvisation games from clowning, movement, writing, storytelling, painting, poetry and more.There will be lots of movement and experiential exercises throughout the weekend. And there will be optional short meditations in the morning and evening.


Expect to have a lot of fun. We’ll be transforming our ideas and our experience of relationship from one of a context of effort, compromise and struggle to one of creativity, connection and play. It is important business, and takes dedication and practice, but it is not serious business!

Come one, come all. Come as you are!

We are looking forward to exploring, discovering and playing together!

Date & Price
The workshop start with dinner at 19.00 on the 17th May and ends with lunch on Sunday 19th May.
The price for the workshop, accommodation and meals:
3.900 NOK (shared room) 
4.400 NOK (single room) 
3.500 NOK bring your own tent 
3.300 NOK living at home

The prices are Early Bird and are valid if a deposit is paid before 17th of April 2019.
After that the price goes up 400 NOK.

The food will be tasty vegetarian. If you want gluten/lactose/milk free options please book 10 days in advance.

Bedlinen/towels are not included. For rent: 190 NOK (or bring your own)

It is possible to arrive Thursday evening or stay until Monday, Extra night costs 450 NOK (make your own food in the cabin, mini kitchen).

Book your place here.

After you booked your place, we will kindly ask you to confirm your place by paying a deposit of 600 NOK to our bank account: 1594 44 22533
IBAN: NO 29 1594 44 22533
Swift/Bic-adress: DNBANOKK

For payments from abroad, please make your transfer in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) and note that our bank charges and additional fee of 50 NOK for payment up to 5.000 NOK and 100 NOK for payment more than 5.000 NOK. Please add the right amount to your fee.

If you have any question please contact us!


About the course leaders: 


Gillian began her career at 21 as a professional dancer and actor. For 20 years she toured Europe and North America on stage, as well as performing in TV series, movies and hundreds of commercials. In 2004, she joined Cirque du Soleil as a casting scout and advisor, travelling the world and providing casting for the company’s 22 unique shows. She was promoted in 2012 to Creative Director of the new company Cirque du Soleil Media, where she developed and co-produced projects for the international film, TV and new media (VR/AR) markets.

In 2018, Gillian founded her own innovation agency, Kite Parade, which she co-directs with her husband, Erik Iversen. Together, they teach and consult for innovative organizations all over the world. (kiteparade.co)

Gillian was introduced to yoga and meditation at a young age, and has continued with a dedicated practice for over 30 years. She is also a certified coach of the Hendricks Institute, and a graduate of their 2-year Transformational Leadership program.


Erik’s life commitment is to playfully awakening the body-mind-heart connection. His teaching style is an invitation to discovery, creative expression and transformation fueled by celebration, integrity and appreciation. He co-founded the first 5Rhythms Teacher’s Training in 1988, and has been teaching across North America and Europe ever since, to movers from the ages of 4-92 years old. Erik has taught in schools, in businesses, in mediation retreats and in reform residences for teenagers. He is also a certified Hellerwork Integrative bodywork Practitioner, and a certified coach of The Hendricks Institute of California and a graduate of their 2-Year Transformational Leadership Program. Erik brings warmth and authenticity to his facilitation, along with his natural joie-de-vivre, creating an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere for learning and fun.

5 rhythm Celebration

If you have the chance to arrive early on the 17th May, we invite your for a 2-hour 5 rhythm celebration from 12.00 – 14.00 followed by ice-cream!  Open for everyone!
Read more here.

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