Retreat with Ajahn Khemasiri / Skogkloster Buddhistsamfunn

29 October - 1 November 2020

A new way of being

Within all of us lies the potential to completely awaken from the trance states, which keep us bound within the claws of greed, hatred and delusion, or: the wheel of becoming.

The weekend is dedicated to an exploration of how our spiritual capacities can not only be discovered, but also further developed in a steady and balanced way.

Within the context of communal silence various forms of Buddhist meditation will assist us, so that the resulting insight and understanding of the way things are will become an integral part of a life, which is fully oriented towards the realization of truth or reality.

For more information & booking please connect with

Helle Johannessen
Tlf: +47 92627139


Please follow our homepage site and our facebook page for more information on the retreat and registration. On these sites you can also find information about Lokuttara Vihara and Skogkloster buddhistsamfunn.

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