Sattva Yoga Retreat – Sweet Simplicity

2 - 4 November 2018

Sattva Yoga is much more then yoga poses, come and have a taste next weekend at Dharma Mountain! Yogateachers Nina Haugen and Ninja Tollefsen will share practices to expand consciousness, increase energy and experience more joy!  A weekend retreat filled with Sattva Yoga Journeys, Kriya sessions, meditation and more. In beautiful surroundings with amazing food, people and ENERGY!

Sweet Simplicity

We chose the theme Sweet Simplicity  for several reasons. One is to make this weekend accessible and enjoyable to all levels and preferences as Sattva Yoga really meets the individual where he or she is at. Another is to allow for the experience that evolution doesnt have to be complicated and that being sincere is not the same as being serious all the time;) We are also aware of the fact that many have busy lives, so feel free to come and just enjoy food, nature and silence if this charms you more than our schedule… 

This being our first retreat, we want to keep it simple and make it accessible so that as many as possible will be able to experience Sattva and to get to know us more. Therefore we are only charging 300 NOK on top of food and accommodation and also creating space for other teachers to offer their wisdom, truth and joy through donation based events. If the space doesnt get filled, we will share wisdom and Ninja will definitely make sure there is dancing/movement… So please bring some extra ”hundrelapper” and you are very welcome to contact us if you want to share something.

We will do the retreat in English or Norwegian, depending on who is joining.



07.00  – 07.45 Morning meditation

07.45 – 08.30 Tea break, snacks, conscious journalling

08.30 – 10.00 Sattva Yoga Journey

10.00 – 11.00 Breakfast

12.00 – 14.00 To be planned. Sharing/Widsom/Trip. Open time.

14.00 – 15-00 Lunch

16.00 – 17.00 Open time/Wisdom/Nature To be decided

17.00 – 18.00 Kriya session – evening practice

18.00 – 19.00 Dinner

19.30 – 21.00  Kirtan / Singing from the Heart


Friday: Kriya session – initiation to meditation after dinner.

Sunday: Full schedule until Lunch. Departure after Lunch. Ninja and Nina will stay for some time for questions, tips for sadhana and practice, about Sattva Yoga etc.

Please be aware that the schedule might change a bit as we are open to donation based events and maybe some outdoor time together if weather allows for it! We will also ask/invite the fantastic musicians at Dharma mountain to do a kirtan or concert for us.


Dharma Mountain 3528 Hedalen i Valdres.



Full directions can be found here:

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding transportation or if you need help with this.


The yogaweekend starts on Friday November 2nd at 19:00

Check in is between 16:00 and 18:00.

Dinner at 18.00

Ending on Sunday November 4th at 17:00.

Can be subject to minor changes, you will be notified!

It is also possible to arrive on Thursday and enjoy some mountain time on your own or casually practicing with one or both of us.

Cost retreat

2300NOK + bring some extra money or vipps for donation based classes.

Single room is 200 extra per night.


All activities with Nina and Ninja, which mainly consist of:

  • Morning meditation
  • Initiation to meditation
  • Sattva Yoga Journeys
  • Evening practices

Food and accommodation:

  • Double room in a four people cabin with attached bathroom.
  • Full pension à Friday dinner – lunch Sunday
  • Fruits, nuts, tea and coffee during breaks.

Each cabin has a small kitchen and a fridge if you want to bring your favorite snacks, drinks (please no alcohol!) etc.

It is possible to arrive on Thursday November 1st at an additional cost of 450 NOK.



Booking and payment details:


Contact Nina at or Ninja at for booking.



Payments can be made via bank transfer to:


Nina Henriette Haugen – Authentic Yoga
Kontonr/Account number: 1210 97 61247

If paying from abroad:
IBAN: NO86 1210 9761 247

Swift/Bic-adress: DNBANOKKXXX

Please email the receipt to


Norwegians can also use Vipps for payment:
Use à Authentic Yoga (# 509282 Haugen Authentic Yoga)

What to bring

  • Loose, comfortable clothes
  • Clothes appropriate for exercise
  • Waterbottle
  • Bed linen + towels (unless you want to rent, 190NOK)
  • Woolen socks or slippers if you tend to get cold! (they have som at Dharma for those coming from abroad)
  • Some warm clothes as it is getting colder
  • Yogamat (if you love your own!)


Skjermbilde 2018-09-25 kl. 10.59.42

Sharing what we love!!

In the spirit of sharing what we love, we decided to book Dharma Mountain in November and offer our first Yoga Weekend Retreat. After having had the fantastic opportunity to be with Anand Mehrotra and Sattva Yoga for several teacher trainings, it is time to share both our joy and our wisdom. The expansion, growth and love these practices give access to simply have to be experienced by as many as possible!

We want to create an opportunity for people to consciously come together, enjoy a deep practice while also having the space to relax, take some time out from their everyday life and and enjoy silence, beautiful surroundings and tasty vegetarian food. And Dharma Moutain is a place we really enjoy, so very happy to be able to share that as well.

Our intention for this weekend is coming together to deepen, transcend limiting belief and patterns while simultaneously raising our energy and experiencing joy. Through expanding the capacity to be with what is, one increases the  capacity to enjoy life. And we truly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, so come and enjoy with us!

«Joy creates energy, energy gravitates towards Joy»
– Anand Mehrotra

We are looking so much forward to spending this beautiful time with you in the mountains. Enjoying our favorite practices and creating a space for everyone to expand and enjoy themselves in a conscious way. And there will of course be great food, beautiful connections and amazing scenery…

*** In Love and light ***

Nina and Ninja


Want to know more about us?

Contact us:



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About Sattva Yoga

Sattva means whole, complete, balance, truth. That is the path of Sattva Yoga – one of the most comprehensive approaches to yoga in the world today. With its roots in the timeless Vedantic and Tantric Traditions, it was developed in the Himlayas after years of study and research.

Sattva Yoga incorporates all essential practices and teachings of yoga in a radically holistic and powerful way. Incorporating contemporary evolution in science and mind body research, and includes and transcends all branches of yoga. It is simultaneously a whole and a part, and by this fact of the coming together a new layer of intelligence is occurring. Sattva Yoga absorbs ever new ways of being. It is alive and ever evolving.

Principles of the Practice of Sattva Yoga is Yoga as a complete path, to create an experience of wholeness in the individual and the collective. Developed in the Himalayas over a decade ago, it has now spread around the world. Sattva Yoga includes ancient yogic techniques as well as current evolutionary practices to create a clear path for the individual to experience a full, healthy, abundant, and joyous life. The ever-evolving and inclusive practice of meditation, kriya, asana, movement, pranayama, radical aliveness, and timeless wisdom helps create shifts and lasting change on all levels of the being.

Sattva Yoga integrates the science of Hatha and Kriya Yoga from ancient lineages, incorporating Vinyasa Chikitsa (Purification) sequencing, so each journey has a subtle cellular shift, dynamic mind body experience, as well as a mindful meditative experience.

Furthermore these practices are designed to awaken each practitioner to their essential nature by increasing strength, building vitality and creating mental clarity. They help raise our consciousness and enable us to live a life full of joy and possibility. Sattva Yoga Practice meets you where you are at and is therefore suitable for all individuals no matter where they are on their path and regardless of physical abilities. From the beginner to a seasoned practitioner it provides a complete and powerful pathway to Self Mastery and a radically alive life.


Want to know more about Sattva Yoga?

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