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Self-discovery through writing

4 - 7 April 2019

Sensual Flow

In this workshop we use writing as a tool to dive inwards and explore ourselves and our sensuality.

Through writing exercises, meditations and guidance into nearness to ourselves and nature – we are opening up for the streams that bring us deeper into vulnerability, sensitivity, joy and abundance.

Spring is here. The rivers run. Nature is giving birth.

About the writing:

Writing is one of the first human art forms and a simple tool to explore ourselves.

It can bring us from experiencing life on the surface, into revealing the depths of our Being.

It is something we can do every day, anywhere, with just a pen and a paper.

You don’t need any experience or be “good” at writing to do it!

At the same time, those who have writing as a part of their job or their lives can deepen their process through this approach.

Dive into your creative flow and sensuality, supported by the soothing wilderness of Dharma Mountain!

The group will be held in English. You can write in English or in your native language.

NOK 2.800 (includes lunches and dinners)
Accommodation in cabins at Dharma Mountain is possible for NOK 450 pr night.
Rent of bedlinen/towels 190 NOK.

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