Sound Medicine: International Education in Vocal Sound Therapy 

9 - 16 August 2020

The Note from Heaven with Githa Ben-David
This is a training for people who with to be trained as therapists in vocal sound therapy.

The Method
There are no two similar voices on Earth. Each voice brings a certain quality and gift. This education is based Githa Ben David’s devotion to sound and vibration as medicine, which you can read more about in her book ‘The Note from Heaven’. The training gives students the opportunity to open up their voices and reconnect with their true nature and essence. The goal of the training is for the students to recover their own healing qualities for the benefit of themselves and others, by releasing their true expression.

The foundation for the education is based on Githa’s 33 years of practical healing work, and the experiences that her course participants/sound healing groups/former education groups continuously contribute with.

The education in The Note from Heaven is based on modules of 7-day courses with a maximum of 25 participants per course. Each week course has the same basic structure adapted to the needs and levels of the participants. You can sign up for one week course at a time, so you can schedule yourself how fast you want to get the education. After a minimum of four week courses you can choose to take an examination.

The training will be conducted in English.

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