Transmutation Therapy Training – module 2

13 - 17 June 2018

Module 2: The Primary Respiration (4 days) with Aziza Noguchi

Transmutation Therapy is a complementary and integrative therapy that helps the inherent healing forces of nature to keep and promote Health.

The therapist uses gentle touch to feel and to be able to cooperate with the biodynamic therapeutic forces, which are the natural healing forces that promote the growth and development of the embryo and in the adult, these forces regulate its innate healthy regenerative condition.

The Therapy follows the principles taught by Dr. James Jealous, DO in his Biodynamics Program of Cranial Osteopathy.

The course is open for everyone, including practitioners of all health care fields interested in professional development and also non-practitioners interested in a personal exploration of the Health. For for further training, read more at the end of this page.

Module 2 is open for newcomers!
If you haven’t done module 1, you can still join if you feel committed to join the whole training.

No experience needed, but of course a genuine interest to work with this!
To finish the training one needs to complete all 5 modules.

It’s is ok to do module 1 later, since this is not a linear training.

This year, module 1 is happening 2 different dates in Brazil: São Paulo – 05 to 08 April and Florianópolis 19 to 22 May – translation in English will be provided.

Open Session Day – 18th February 

We invite you to come and have a free session at Dharma Mountain 18th February. There you can get more information about the training and talk to students from module 1. Please et us know if you would like to book a a session:


Aziza Noguchi
Director and Founder of IQD – Institute of Dynamic Stillness in Brazil. Postgraduated in Biodynamics of Osteopathy in the U.S.A with Dr James Jealous, DO – one of the most respected osteopathic doctors in America today.

She coordinates the original curriculum of Transmutation Therapy, according to the Biodynamic principles from Dr. Jealous.

The price is paid in two parts, one to Dharma Mountain and one to Aziza.
3.700 NOK* This includes shared cabin, breakfast basket, warm lunch and afternoon snack.
510 EUR* – 4 days workshop

* The price is valid if the deposit (half the fee to Dharma Mountain OR half the fee to Aziza is paid in 2017. Paid in 2018 an additional fee of 5% will be added.)

Book your place!
Fill out the form on this page – or send us an e-mail to

How to pay?
Please pay non-refundable deposit of 1.850 NOK to Dharma Mountain AS bank account:
Account number 1594 44 2253

IBAN: NO 29 1594 44 22533
Swift/Bic-address: DNBANOKK
(People living in Norway do not need to use IBAN and Swift/Bic).

0021 Oslo

How to get here?
By car:
Dharma Mountain is located in Hedalen (Valdres), 2 hours drive from Oslo. From Oslo, follow E16 towards Hønefoss, then pass Hønefoss, follow the directions towards Fagernes (still E16). Approximately one hour drive after Hønefoss, you come to Nes i Ådal. Here, turn left at the sign to Hedalen. Follow the road up the valley, about 11 km. Then you will see the sign of Dharma Mountain.

By bus:
From Oslo, you can travel with the bus “Valdresekspressen” to Nes i Ådal (2 hrs).

From Bergen you can travel by train to Hønefoss or Nesbyen (about 4 hrs to Nesbyen).

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen, you can take the bus or train to Oslo, and from there go with “Valdresekspressen” from Oslo as described above. Or you can go by the bus “Askeladden” to Hønefoss, and from there go with “Valdresekspressen” to Nes i Ådal.

For information about bus schedules and prices, check:
For information about train, check:

From Nes i Ådal or from Nesbyen, you will need a ride or a taxi. For ordering taxi you can call +47 61349518, or ask us to make a reservation for you. The Taxi cost 250 NOK – and you share it if more people arrive at the same time.

Further training

The rest of the training will happen during the next 2 years at Dharma Mountain, Norway & in Florianapolis, Brasil. Time and dates will be booked together with what fits the group, Aziza and Dharma Mountain.
Module 3: The Breath Of Life (4 days in Brazil ) November 2018
Module 4: The Dynamic Stillness (5 days in Norway) – 2019
Module 5: Sailing the Tides (5 days in Brazil) – 2019

Later you can also take advanced Courses
• Igntion and the Movement of the Health
• Craniosacral Integration Therapy for pregnant women, babies and children
• Craniosacral Integration Therapy for the elder and terminally ill patients

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
Warm welcome!


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