Transmutation Therapy Training – module 4

21 - 24 June 2021

Transmutation Therapy Training – Module 4: Dynamic Stillness with Aziza Noguchi

Transmutation Therapy is a complementary and integrative therapy that helps the inherent healing forces of nature to keep and promote Health. Its a training in 5 modules.

The therapist uses gentle touch to feel and to be able to cooperate with the biodynamic therapeutic forces, which are the natural healing forces that promote the growth and development of the embryo and in the adult, these forces regulate its innate healthy regenerative condition.

Aziza Noguchi
Director and Founder of IQD – Institute of Dynamic Stillness in Brazil.
She coordinates the original curriculum of Transmutation Therapy®️previously called Craniosacral Integration (Integração Craniossacral®️). Aziza’s way of sharing and teaching such a subtle and powerful profound work, is done in a very down to earth and humble way, at the same time full of knowledge and experience to share very generoursly. If you have any questions, send us a mail.

Who is it for?
• If you are already a bodyworker this approach to the client can be huge support.
• If you want to become a therapist this is a beautiful way to start
• If you have interest in Health and want a personal exploration of ut.


This is an unique chance to study the real forces of life – the force that comes with us at conception and stays with us through life. Unbalances gives us discomfort, sickness, stress… When we reconnect with our Original Health rebalancing can happen naturally.

The price is paid in two parts, one to Dharma Mountain and one to Aziza.
2.875  NOK This includes shared cabin, breakfast basket, warm lunch and afternoon snack.
510 EUR – 4 days workshop

This is a training over 5 modules, the training started in 2017 at Dharma Mountain. In 2018 we had module 2, in June 2019 we repeated module 1 and in July module 3. This is not a linear training, so it is possible to start at any module. Since the training usually happens in Brazil, we don’t know if module 1-3 will happen again in Norway, but can continue in Brazil.  If you are interested to know more send us a mail.


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