Transmutation Therapy Training – module 3

1 - 4 July 2019

The Long Tide – module 3
Transmutation Therapy is a complementary and integrative therapy that helps the inherent healing forces of nature to keep and promote Health. Its a training in 5 modules.

The therapist uses gentle touch to feel and to be able to cooperate with the biodynamic therapeutic forces, which are the natural healing forces that promote the growth and development of the embryo and in the adult, these forces regulate its innate healthy regenerative condition.

The Therapy follows the principles taught by Dr. James Jealous, DO in his Biodynamics Program of Cranial Osteopathy.

The course is open for everyone, including practitioners of all health care fields interested in professional development and also non-practitioners interested in a personal exploration of the Health.

POP-UP clinic in Oslo, 14th October – Zen House
Intersted in the training or just want to have a relaxing time?


We welcome you to a session with students from module 2. There will be given several sessions at the same time. The client has the clothes on and the therapist uses light touch to help the process.

Sessions at 17.00 & 18.15.
Price: 200 NOK
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Place: Zen House, Sporsveisgata 29, Oslo  • Welcome!

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