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The voice of the heart

3 - 5 August 2018

Weekend retreat with Dakini 

This weekend retreat is a great way to recharge your batteries, give healing and energy to yourself and connect to your heart.

Using the vibrations of sounds and music is an easy, beautiful and ancient way to reach very deeply into our beings and body, and bring much healing and energy to wherever we need it. It is amazing how much sounds and music can change our emotional and mental state, can release stress, anxiety and depression, and bring us deeper into ourselves.

In this weekend retreat we will use different approaches and methods to connect to:

• our playful heart, being natural, spontaneous and innocent.

• our emotional heart, opening up to feelings, sensing, being true and venerable to ourselves, and how we feel in the moment.

• the one heart, that is beyond our personal and emotional heart, feeling the connection and oneness with everything.

• our inner strength and expression. Feeling rooted in our power.

• meditation and silence. Letting ourselves sink into inner peace, love and silence.

The methods we will use include our voice, mantra singing, dance, breath, music, playfulness, meditation, mindfulness, drum healing and more!

During this weekend there will be two sessions of Singing from the Heart with Dakini band (which includes guitar, piano, drum and bass), one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

There will also be a soft yoga session each morning, an active group in the middle of the day, with different playful and opening exercises, and a relaxing evening group friday and saturday.

What is Singing from the Heart or mantra singing?

“Singing from the Heart” as we call it, or mantra singing/kirtan, is an ancient technique that has been practiced all over the world, especially in the East. The songs, and especially the mantras – which are in Sanskrit, a sacred language of ancient India – are designed to lift our energy, the vibrations in us, to higher and deeper places, to take us beyond the mind/thoughts and into meditation, our heart and soul.

The mantras were created by Rishis (wise ones) as paths to awareness, using the power of particular sounds to create specific energy responses. As we sing together these beautiful healing songs, there is space for every heart’s unique expression, and you may clap your hands, dance, sit meditatively, or anything else you feel inspired to do.

Everyone can join this group, no previous experience needed, no good singing voice needed, all is welcome here!

About the group leader:


The retreat is held by Dakini Bø, who has for the last 19 years been practicing and participating in a broad spectrum of different meditation techniques and therapies, such as vipassana, mindfulness, Osho meditations, inquiry, rebirthing, constellation work, primal, tantra, mantra singing and much more. She has been participating in more than 100 retreats and courses. Dakini has also facilitated many Singing from the Heart groups, and other groups similar to those in this retreat. She is also a singer/songwriter who has released her album “Feelings from the heart” in 2009, and she is giving meditation concerts with her band, “Dakiniband.”

During the weekend you will also get 6 delicious vegetarian meals, prepared with love and care, optional sauna, and time for yourself to just enjoy and relax. Dharma Mountain is a hidden gem, located only two hours from Oslo, in beautiful Valdres close to Vassfaret. In the breaks you can to go to the river for a refreshing dip or to a waterfall only 5-10 minutes walk, or pick blueberries in the forest…

Retreat info:
Arrival (17.00) for dinner on Friday, ending after lunch on Sunday around 14:30.

Regular price: 2.600 NOK

Price living at home: 2.000 NOK

Price is for a shared double-room. Single room can be ordered for an additional 200 per night.

Bedlinen/towels can be rented for 190 NOK or you can bring your own.

To reserve your place please book you place to and pay a deposit of 600 NOK.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Book your place before 3rd July 2018 to:

Practical information:

What is included in the price ?

– All workshops

– Shared accommodation for 2 nights (shared room)

– Cleaning of the cabin on departure

–  6 delicious vegetarian meals: two breakfasts, two hot lunches, two hot evening meals

– Coffee and tea during breaks

About the accommodation:

You will stay in a cozy cabin. Each cabin has two or three bedrooms, with two beds in each room.

Every cabin has its own bathroom and a little kitchen area with a fridge and a small stove.  Some have a wood stove as well.

You can see pictures Here.

Language used in the workshops:

The workshops will be held in English.


• How to get here by car
Dharma Mountain is located in Hedalen (Valdres). From Oslo, follow E16 towards Hønefoss, pass Hønefoss, follow the signs towards Fagernes (still E16). Approximately one hour’s drive after Hønefoss, you come to Nes i Ådal. Here, turn left at the sign to Hedalen. Follow the road up the valley, about 11 km. There you will see the sign for Dharma Mountain.

• How to get here by bus or train
From Oslo, you can travel with the bus “Valdresekspressen” to Nes i Ådal (2 hrs).

From Bergen you can travel by train to Hønefoss or Nesbyen (about 4 hrs to Nesbyen).

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen, you can take the bus or train to Oslo, and from there take the “Valdresekspressen” as described above. Or you can take the bus “Askeladden” to Hønefoss, and from there go with “Valdresekspressen” to Nes i Ådal.

For information about bus schedules and prices, check:
For information about trains, check:

From Nes i Ådal or from Nesbyen, you will need a ride or a taxi. To order a taxi you can call +47 95 95 07 11, or ask us to make a reservation for you.

Book before 3rd July.
Yes, I would like to join!

Name(s) of participants:

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