18.-20. September 2015

Essence through sound – with Pratibha

Almost everybody would like to sing because instinctively one knows how good it can feel but most of us are afraid of really trying it. This reflects that deeply we know that something has been lost, buried under the pile of false beliefs and assumptions of how singing should sound. VOICING© provides the space to recognize this misunderstanding and recapture the authentic and individual singing. When we learn how to surrender to our own song, we discover that the voice has in itself a power of transformation that leads to expansion, to the pleasure of being, to the depths of the intimacy with oneself. During the VOICING© process we look to move beyond the fears and the judgements, challenging our system of beliefs.

The participants are invited to accept and to take responsibility for all the various parts of themselves, including their own “shadow”, and to sing them out. This realization opens the door to our inner power and to the inexhaustible source of our creativity. It is a journey that takes you through hidden spaces and emotional states, releases body tensions and emotional blocks, some very old or some even from past lives.

VOICING© is also a journey through the auditory channel that reconnects you with the art of listening. Amplifying the perception of sound vibrations within every organ and cell, you can explore the different energy transformations within yourself, you can allow new spaces of resonance and you can experience the silence of your heart, thus becoming open to the of your inner harmonic dance.
Pratibha de Stoppani is from Switzerland where she studied interior architecture and design.

The secrets and the power of voice and sounds were revealed her in ‘74 during a journey in Central and South America, being in contact with Native American shamanism.

She then completed various trainings (Bioenergetics, Psychic Massage, Counseling, etc.) and she is now
part of the teachers in the Diamond Logos of Faisal Mukkadam.

She has integrated her discoveries and experiences with Osho’s vision of spirtual awakening to create her own unique transformational approach called VOICING©. Since 1985 she has been giving individual sessions and leading workshops and trainings all over Europe and other parts of the world.

Price: 3.900 NOK
Everything included:
workshop, 2 nights in shared cabin and meals

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Shivani: (+47) 959 28 999

Dharma Mountain Meditation & Freedom Resort
Hedalsvegen 1220, 3528 Hedalen, Norway

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