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From Hønefoss with love

10. February 2017

by Prasad Johannesen

Driving towards the city centre of Hønefoss, one will see on the right hand side, the local wiener factory, Leiv Vidar. There one can see their factory slogan, “From Hønefoss with love”.

Although one might wonder what sausages has to do with love, especially all the poor pigs and horses that has to be sacrificed to create this strangely enough, tasty food, love has somehow entered the mind and heart of the local processed meat factory.

sufi02For people attending the countless Satsangs that has been given each summer and many a winter at Dharma Mountain, the mystery is less enigmatic.

Love is the climate at this mountain pearl of consciousness and love. Grateful seekers receive what they in their hearts never dreamed of receiving. Insights into reality of the mundane and the reality of the divine is given effortlessly, and the ambience can be felt even when there are not Satsangs there.

Group meditations has proven to reduce crime when they have happened in areas prone to such behavious. This was scientifically proven in a study in Washington, where trancendental meditation was performed during the summer of 1993, and crime dropped by 23.3%.

In Russia, an experiment was done with letting inmates spending time in pyramids, resulting in very few of them returning to a life of crime after they had served their sentence.

This brings us to a tentative conclusion that human beings are not just flesh and blood.

We are humans (flesh) and beings (spirit). If we only focus on the human part and forget about the spirit, something within us will be repressed and misaligned. One needs to water the soul as much as the body. More and more people in the West are starting to realize this, taking up ancient practises like yoga, and a rebranded version of Buddha’s teachings about awareness, called Mindfulness. Curiously enough, stores selling various knickknakk are now offering Buddha statues to their customers. It is nice with a little counter balance to the pokemon madness.

Humanity have in the last 100 years shown a complete disregard for Nature. We are treating our Mother, Gaia, as a simpe street girl. But even though we have lost our way, she still loves us and cares for us. Since we have forgotten our own inner nature, it is not surprising that we forgot the outer nature too.

Dharma Mountain is a healing resort where our own connection to Mother Gaia can be restored.


prasadPrasad Johannesen is a cook, songwriter and poet, living in Hedalen. 



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