Refresh Your Body & Mind – Detox

3 days Juice Fast – in the wild and beautiful nature at Dharma Mountain with Karuna Detox

Fasting is for the body what silent meditation is for the mind.
A space to stop and heal. To centre and refresh.
Healing and health takes place in our body when we give it the correct conditions. Cleansing is akin to ‘taking out the garbage’ in our homes.
Constipation is akin to leaving the garbage inside for too long!
Bad moods, chronic symptoms, colds and flus are all ways the body is showing you that conditions inside need some attention.

Fasting for only 3 days stimulates a cellular cleansing of toxins, stimulates and strengthens the immune system , freshens taste buds, reboots healthy intention and raises the spirit/ mood! This is a natural effect of fasting, a time-tested ancient practice.


This healing event is led by Sho, the founder of Karuna Detox Retreats, leader of inspirational mind-body health retreats in UK since year 2000 in UK.

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