Let’s talk about food

A few years ago I went home to be with my father who was dying of cancer. I took with me some quinoa and miso in the hope of introducing him to some more healthy options.

My dad had been an agriculture engineer and spent most of his life giving advice on how to grow plants, how to grow life.

I cooked for him what at the time was the only healthy dish I knew, quinoa and vegetables. He refused, saying he had never eaten it before and he didn’t want to try it now.

And my big shock was watching him eating Oreos biscuits in the hope it would increase his weight. I will never forget the image of him sitting, looking very fragile eating those biscuits. It shook me deeply.

I grew up in the south of Brasil where meat is the number one food. The women in my family couldn’t even think about how to cook without meat. My breakfast was black coffee, bread and butter. So I grew up and older not really putting much attention into what I was eating or how my body was reacting to it.

I I filled myself with meat, sugars, bread, coke and cigarettes.

I started to look into vegetarian, vegan and raw food, but it all looked too much, too complicated, too late for me to learn about.

So I keep pumping more and more junk into my body.

For me, the wind started to change after one of the sessions in our meditation retreat*. I remember coming out after the session to a beautiful meal and all I could eat was salad. It was natural. My body was asking for live food. My mind tried to argue and say “but you paid for lunch and there are so many nice dishes”. But my body didn’t even question. So salad it was.

When I heard there was going to be a detox group at Dharma Mountain, I knew I had to join. I thought I would starve and suffer the whole weekend. I wasn’t sure my body was going to cope. And so many old voices jumped in from a life of mis-information.

It was such a surprise for me to see that I experienced no hunger during the three days of fasting and I finished the group with much more energy than I had when I arrived.

It feels like my system has been rebooted. I don’t crave bread or pasta or cakes, but I get excited discovering new dishes and flavors.

And slowly my body feels better and better. And all happening without effort and suffering. It feels like magic.

Still smoking though, but I am sure very soon that will fade away.

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*the meditation retreats happening in Dharma Mountain and in Mevlana Garden.

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