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14. November 2014

Working at Mística Pizza was the best job I ever had.

It wasn’t so easy to tell this to my father, who wanted me to have a high-paying job and build up my career – what! work in a pizza place?? That’s like the bottom rung of the ladder.

But Mística Pizza isn’t “a pizza place.” It’s a tastefully decorated, cozy pizza restaurant with really flavorful, colorful pizza served by a group of meditators with so much joy and playfulness.

They know how to make good pizza. But more than that, they know how to have fun.

Most of the time that I was working, I was dancing. Or laughing. Or singing. I guess combine meditation with Brazilian culture in the workplace and you get a smooth-running business with a lot of heart.

I think because we were “working on ourselves” – aka meditating – we had more awareness to avoid accidents, interpersonal drama, competition – things that I’ve encountered in other jobs. And we worked really efficiently too, though it never felt like we were in a hurry…

Mystic Pizza Mevlana Garden Brazil

My definition of a dream job is a job where I work harmoniously in a team and have tons of fun while creating and sharing something beautiful with others.


It doesn’t matter so much what I do, it’s the love and awareness behind it that is precious. Working from the heart transforms anything we do into an act of devotion and celebration. We are serving and celebrating love itself.

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