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My name is Aishani

12. September 2014

I  sat peacefully and listened to my Master. Suddenly I felt a new energy inside.

Such powerful energy.

Wow. I liked it. The power said:

“Do not hide anymore! Stand up for yourself!”.

It was so clear that I wanted to change my legal name to my sannyas name.

The energy was so strong, it felt so good, so right. It was just to act on it. There were no doubts, no thoughts, and no question. Go for it!

A delicious flow to just follow. I felt strong. The energy was very welcoming.

The day had come. I felt so excited. It will happen today. A friend was with me and she was so happy for me that I dared to follow my heart. We laughed, some tears of gratitude came and we shared our happiness. We were off to many government offices to undertake the practicalities around this official change.  First, I got a new driving license. Next step was to visit the police station. I felt some nervous energy inside. Will she say something? Will she comment on this?

I walked slowly in, gave her my paper. She studied the paper and looked at me and said: “What a beautiful name you have got”.

I was so surprised. A humility appeared and out of me came a very grateful, “Thank you”.

I got a new passport. Only one thing was left. To visit the bank. Also here I met a beautiful lady. She took a picture of me and gave a nice comment about how beautiful the picture was. “I will send you a new bankcard in few days” she said.

I danced out of the building.

I was so happy and satisfied. My name is Aishani.




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