New Year Biodanza

Welcome to

New Year’s-Biodanza,

a 3 day dancing retreat at Dharma Mountain

30th December 2011 at 13:00 – 1st January 2012 at 14:00

Theme for this retreat:

Being(s) in the Heart of Life

Give yourself a joyful and healing transition to the New Year!

For 3 days we will dance and celebrate life together.

Through dance and human contact we open up to connect deeper with

ourselves, others and life in all its totality.

Let go of what you no longer need to carry and open up to the path of your heart!

Through the dance we will make contact with our own true nature as “Human Beings in the Heart of Life”.

Some of the themes we will explore are:

  • The heart as symbol of our life force and power (heart beat).
  • The heart as our inner light, beacon and guardian.
  • The heart as the basis for all forms of love.

Freedom, human bonds, universal love, friendship, innocence, longing, joy, delight, eros, kreativity, empathy, spark, fire, warmth, rhythm, flow, integration, vitality, compassion and care are some of the keywords describing the retreat.

As we are in nature, we will also use the elements earth, fire, air and water to help us in this process.

  • The element of earth is a symbol of the primordial, our internal centre, the base, the roots, the connection with “here-and-no”, and our ability to feel Mother Earth and all life as a place for healing, comfort, creation and rest.
  • The element of water represents our ability to live with flexibility, adjustment, purity, sensuality, pleasure, melting together and fusion. It represents us allowing ourselves to abandon, to give up control.
  • The element of fire relates to our vital energy, our determination, intensity, transformation, erotism, passion and deep desire. It is also related to our inner flame, the unique energy waiting to be expressed and manifested in life.
  • The element of air helps us to open up for freedom, expansion, lightness, tenderness and sensitivity. From the open heart we can receive life in an embrace.

As alchemists we’ll explore and unite these human qualities and allow them to harmonize within us and with life around us.

We’ll dance into the New Year with pleasure, joy and love.

You do not need any previous knowledge of dance. There will not be any steps taught.

All you need is a pulsating heart and a desire to open up to life in all its beauty!

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