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Seeds of energy – crackers

27. April 2014
    The nature is exploding around us, snow is melting, birds are singing again, new flowers and leaves are in a magical way appearing this year too…To feel this aliveness in nature, can reflect something inside us too – and maybe it wakes up the wish to support our bodies, to eat what makes us feel good. Just reflect how much energy there is inside a little seed, what color, shape, fragrance can come out of it. Spring is a reminder of how magical existence is.

    So if we eat seeds that have so much potential, so much energy – what does that do to our bodies? Try it out if you like. A little spring cleaning in your kitchen draws…and you might have enough seeds to make some crackers?

    1,5 dl flaxseed
    1,5 dl crushed flaxseed (use a blender)
    1 dl sesame seeds
    2 dl pumpkin seeds
    1 dl sunflower seeds
    1 dl hamp seed (if you don’t have it, use what you have or just use 1 dl less water)
    1 teaspoon sea salt
    1 teaspoon herbal salt
    8 dl water

    Mix everything together and leave to soak overnight (or for 4 hours). Flaxseeds makes it become a dough.

    If you have a dehydrator use paraflexx sheet. Use a spoon and press down the dough so it gets flat and round like a biscuit. Different shapes – looks nice and homemade.

    Dry for 8 hours at 50C. Baked with low temperature preserves most of the nutrient in the seeds.
    When it is one hour left, remove the paraflexx and turn them around. Store them in a box or glass with a lid.

    Eat as snack or add cheese, spread or dip.

    If you don’t have a dehydrator – use your oven.

    Long time to bake, fast to eat, but the moment is only now…enjoy spring inside and outside!

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