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Silence falling as snowflakes

25. February 2017

by Sana

It’s winter retreat at Dharma Mountain. Sitting quietly in my cabin, watching the white scene outside the window. Everything is soft and pure, fresh and fluffy.

Nature is quiet. Time stops.

We are invited by the Master to sink into this stillness inside, to find the treasure, the purity, the softness of our own beings. Isn’t it a miracle?

150115_NO_Sujan_004Every human being is searching for peace, for happiness, but somehow it seems we forgot where to look.

There is a story that God didn’t know where to go to not be bothered and then he decided to hide himself inside the human heart as nobody looks there. We have so many treasures inside, we are the whole universe in a nutshell, so many miracles are happening each second inside of us of which we are not aware. Isn’t that crazy?

When I take this conscious decision to stop it does not mean that this will happen in a split second. It needs patience, and clear focus. It needs understanding that this is what I want. The habit of getting lost in thoughts, dreams, plans and stories is so old. We have been practicing unconciousness, insensitivity and not being present for so long, that it takes time, clarity and strength to come back to ourselves. That’s why it is almost impossible to do it alone. That’s why a Master is needed to remind us what we are doing here, what we are longing for the most. We have forgotten our own treasure. The Master is a living proof that the most valuable gift is inside our own heart.

Outside my window I can see the snow flakes gently falling with no effort, no fuss. Like this I just close my eyes and allow the thoughts to fall gently into emptiness, disappearing without any effort.

Thank you Master.

Sana_blogSana is a devotee of Vasant Swaha, enjoying and exploring the way back to her true nature. She loves to share herself through Integration Craniossacral sessions and workshops of meditations. Living closer to nature is her biggest joy.



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