Songs from the Heart

Interview with Dakini and Sadhna by Anurati

Music that opens a deeper space inside of me is something very precious. It is like my whole body receives it, like a wave of energy outside and inside… Two of my friends, Dakini and Sadhna have the gift to make this kind of songs. I asked them how these songs are made.

Sadhna Dharma Mountain

“For me it feels like the song somehow already is there.”

says Sadhna –

It is just knocking on the door at one point and then it comes.
The way it unfolds can be different each time, sometimes the whole song will come, other times gradually unfolding – like just only as a melody and other time as a poem.”


Sadhna Dakini Dharma Mountain

“Yes it is similar to me.”

Dakini continues –

“The song just comes to me. Like the heart just wants to express itself and suddenly I can start to sing a melody or some words, a poem. It’s not like I am trying to make a song, it is just happening by itself. I love this way of sharing the space of the heart, this silence, this wisdom, through singing, through music. When I am playing my songs, if it is at home or performing for others, I always feel that they connect me deeper to my heart. I always get very happy and silent. The songs are like a reminder for me.”

Sadhna’s eyes are shining with tears when she shares about one of her songs:

“When the song “White Swan” came to me, it was like my heart was speaking to me in a way I could understand, but yet I could not understand it. The words came and I got the feeling that something was unfolding, but I didn’t know what it was – but somehow it was a clue to it. Two months later when I met my Master I understood what my heart wanted to share. When I found him, through what he showed me and what I experienced in the first retreat with him – this gave me so much beauty, inspiration and gratitude so then I could finish the song. For me – this song is a mystery – it is an expression of gratitude and longing, of the journey revealing itself, like my heart talked to me through the music – it was magical to experience this.” 

They also like to sing mantras together. But what is mantra, Dakini?

“For me mantras are love songs from the heart to the heart. It is prayers and praises to our divine nature, or heart or spirit. And to all the enlightened masters that have been helping us, enlightening us, giving us strength and courage for so long.The mantras are designed to help us go deeper in to our being by their words and sound vibration. I always loved singing mantras from the first time I heard them, they were filling me with their beautiful energy. In the beginning I didn’t know their meaning, I could just feel it. But to know their meaning makes them touch me even deeper because it is so beautiful. There are lots of science to mantras, but I’m not an expert in that – for me it doesn’t matter how many times they are repeated, it is more to touch this heart space inside and express this love through singing.”

Dakini closes her eyes and smiles, it feels like she gets into that space just by sharing about it.

Sadhna smiles to her and says;

“Yes that is why it is so beautiful to sing together, when we sink into that space of nothingness and feel that we are one – then it is just pure joy. Sometimes it is good to have an excuse to be together and then through singing it is easy to be who we are and just feeling the joy of life together.”


The time has to come to take some photos to their event in Bergen next week – and I ask them to sing while I shoot – and it doesn’t take long time until they both are totally in tune with their beautiful voices, sharing the vibration of their hearts. What comes from the heart, goes to the heart someone said – and I totally agree.

 Sadhna Dakini Dharma Mountain Meditation and Freedom Resort

Sadhna and Dakini will have a concert at Café Aura in Bergen on the 8th February 2015.
They will also have a DanSing workshop on the 7th February, also in Bergen.
Listen to Dakini here.
Listen to “Hvite Svane” (White Swan) with Sadhna here.

anurati Dharma Mountain Meditation and Freedom Resort


Anurati works in the administration at Dharma Mountain. She loves to dance, listening to birds and be in the flow and  joy of creativity. 





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