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1. August 2014

This morning I felt religious.
I came back to Dharma Mountain two days ago, after two weeks away, and I went in for the morning meditation. I was amazed to find people still doing Dynamic meditation every morning, the whole room full of people, going on for the 24th day. What is going on here? I went away to have summer vacation with my kids, in the small house we live in in the south coast.

When I left Dharma I had joined nine days of Dynamic, and I was determined to go on with the 21 days – no matter how many teenagers and visitors and god-knows-who were coming to our house. I did it. 21 days. And this is what I learned from it:

1. Not even Dynamic can wake up a teenager at 7 in the morning.
There are several advantages of not having small children, the morning hours to myself is one of them. They are still not aware I did this meditation for 12 days. But also with other people around, friends and neighbors, I found I don’t have to be alone in the house to do Dynamic. I did catharsis in silence – but the music was on and the “Hoo!” were with sound.

2. Dynamic can be done everywhere
When people are sleeping everywhere else in the house, why skip Dynamic? The toilet room was still available. It is small, narrow and with a low ceiling, so I had to adjust, yes. But in this room I discovered that totality has nothing to do with outer circumstances.

3. Dynamic is a way to survive family holidays
Before I used to think it would be impossible to do Dynamic in the middle of my family life. Now, I start to think it will be impossible to have family holidays WITHOUT it. All the frustration, irritation and old patterns that would come up and gather during the vacation, and was bound to come out somewhere, got an outlet. My patience with kids have never been greater. Wow.

But this morning, I felt religious. I came into the Satsang room and saw all the people, even after completing the 21 days, was still going on, ready and eager. The energy was determined, inspiring. In the jumping phase, I felt so free and playful. These words came to me, “I am free.” And not only me, all of us. It was like we all were jumping and our energy was lifting an old, dusty blanket of confusion, resignation and giving in, we were lifting it. It was disappearing like fog in the sun. And I was in awe, for this, that this is happening, here, now. We are free. Hallelujah!


* Dynamic meditation is an 1 hour meditation created by Osho –  it is a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind these prison walls. Regarding to the process of 21 days Dynamic Meditation, Osho says: “It takes at least seves days to settle, then another seven days to feel the new dimension, then another seven to be completely at home.” 


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