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In The Fairyland Forest

Posted on: November 8th, 2019 by rachana

In the fairyland forest
I find my joy, my inner child.
I can’t stop smiling.

Such abundant beauty in all I see
With eyes of innocence.

With Ella puppy’s guidance we
find a comfortable home,
A place to rest and share.

The ground is soft and fragrant of the forest.
I find the most delightful piece of fungus, like seaweed,
such a beautiful specimen.

The wind waves in the trees and I am alerted to it through the sound.
We rest now acknowledging it and giving our thanks and love back
to this magical space.


Wind waves in the magical forest


Text by Jo Nandana Jones, written during a guided forest therapy walk at Dharma Mountain.

Photos and Video by Rachana Brand and Jo Nandana Jones.


Nandana loves being in the beautiful silent forests. They are her playground for all the senses, and only thinking about it makes her smile.






The smile of a dragonfly

Posted on: October 26th, 2018 by rachana

The trees were naked. The sky a soft, woolen blanket grey and lazy over the mountain tops. I was walking on the gravel road down to the river. 

Yesterday afternoon it had been raining heavily. In the night there was frost. Now the forest floor was full of frozen water droplets, like jewels of diamonds and pearls.


The cold, crispy air on my face. The sound of my shoes on the gravel. The silence, that expands when I listen to it. I love this time of year.

I almost stepped on him. He was laying there, in the middle of the road, with his wings dressed in shining diamonds. Frozen. Dead, I assumed.

I stopped by his beauty. Kneeled down to see him close. To study the drawings of his wings, the color of his body.

Carefully I put my fingers underneath him, to lift him up. His feet grabbed my finger. I saw them, they were designed almost like these axes climbers are using, when they climb ice or mountains. I didn´t know if it was a sign of life, or if it was just the form of his feet that gave the impression that he grabbed my finger.

I carried him home, to study his beauty with my camera. I brought a rock from the forest, and placed him on the rock on the table in my room.

For hours I immersed myself in photographing him his delicate wings, the intense blue color while his frozen jewels slowly melted into water.


Outside the window, just above the Ganesha mountain top a crack appeared in the grey. A ray of shining. Suddenly he moved, he stretched his front legs, lifted his upper body.

I stopped. Saw him as a being. Sat down, and looked into his face.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of dragonflies, their fine wings and strong colors. But never before have I looked into the face of one, and never would I have thought I would see what I saw; the smile of a dragonfly.


He placed one foot in front of the other, lifted first his upper body. Then the back part, like he was stretching and bowing down.

I asked google, if dragonflies are dying or hibernating when the autumn comes. I didn´t find a clear answer. There are many types of dragonflies.

But carefully I carried my new friend outside, found a safe place for him, where no cats or cars would come. I laid a hand on my heart, touched by the mystery of an autumn morning with nature stripped naked, dressed only in jewels of diamonds and pearls and the smile of a dragonfly.


Text & Photos by Savini Aspholt





Savini has been involved in the work around Swaha’s retreats for many years. She enjoys writing and photography, and loves to dive into the depths of her own soul and of the forest. More about Savini:







Dynamic saves my life.

Posted on: August 8th, 2018 by rachana

A glimpse into the Summer Retreat 2018




“When I first came to the retreats with Swaha, I hated Dynamic Meditation. Swaha asked me if I was doing Dynamic Meditation and I said no! Because – what the f** are we doing here? All the jumping was so much effort. So it was a struggle to attend. But then I found out and experienced myself the difference that Dynamic makes in my life and I totally learned to like it.”





“After 10 or 11 days of doing Dynamic in the retreat, something crazy happened. I was going into my childhood and a strong and painful feeling of missing the love and affection from my mother came up. After the Dynamic had finished that morning, maybe 5 minutes later, the ice broke inside me. I questioned myself: what is this past experience? And I understood: That past is not here. It is only in my imagination. I can let go off it. Then, after 21 days of Dynamic, there was really nothing left of that past, I had washed it out.”




“When you start the process of self-investigation, of getting to know yourself, you need tools to empty out and unburden yourself from all the ideas and illusions. How else do you get rid of your mind, the old emotions and pains? Then you desperately long for active meditations like Dynamic.”






“This summer I surprisingly enjoyed the third stage of Dynamic, when you jump and say the mantra ‘Hoo’. Each time I landed on my feet, I felt I really was present at that moment. There was no past, no future. Just this one jump existed. And in this jump was everything, the whole world. Because, you know, when jumping with eyes closed, I spin and turn, so I felt like Planet Earth rotating. That was so nice!”





“Normally when you stop, in the fourth stage, and everybody is still, you listen to something outside, like the water of the fountain or the birds singing. But one day while doing Dynamic this summer retreat I suddenly found a silent place inside myself, a hollow space more or less in the belly, where I have never been before. An awareness, an energy inside me, and I stayed there throughout the whole fourth stage. My god, it was very beautiful.”





“I feel that Dynamic saves my life. Again and again. I did the 21 day process already many times and it is such a great meditation. Only with the help of Dynamic can I be open and able to receive the beauty and love that Swaha has to give.”




~ ~ ~

The summer retreat just ended and we had Dynamic Meditation every morning at 7 a.m. for 21 days. Although it was not mandatory, the number of participants increased steadily and by the end the room was packed with wild and sweaty people. The energy was contagious and buzzing, a lot of old tensions could be released and many happy smiles left the room after 1 hour of maybe the most powerful meditation to be found in this world.


For those who joined the 21-Day Process, getting out of bed early every single morning was hard at times, for sure. You have to be very alert because the mind easily finds excuses. “However”, as one participant puts it, “it was me who made the clear decision before the retreat to go for 21 Days, so there was nowhere to escape.”


(Quotes by Janani, Nasheema, Tukaram, Wadi, Yogendra; Images from


Dynamic Meditation in a Nutshell:

Dynamic Meditation is an active 60-minute meditation created by Osho. The first stage: breathing; the second stage: catharsis; the third stage: jumping and the mantra Hoo; the fourth stage: stillness; the last stage: celebration.


There is no excuse – you can do Dynamic Meditation everywhere, even at home with kids – as Leena shares in this post about her Dynamic experience.

Curious to experience the magic of Dynamic Meditation yourself? You are welcome to join one of Swaha’s retreats.





Showcase of the Earth

Posted on: July 1st, 2017 by raahi

An interview with Bhauli.

Shortly after meeting Babaji, Bhauli began creating jewelry at home. She has been inspired by traditions from various countries, and bought her stones in folk markets during her travels to Nepal, Turkey, South Africa, Namibia, Ukraine, Estonia, Sweden and Canada. She participated in some expeditions hunting for crystals and also cut stones herself while studying gemology in Sweden.

Curious to see her jewelry and to hear her share, I asked Bhauli for an interview.


The more you work with the stones, the more sensitive you become. The more you feel their vibrations in the body. I feel in these crystals and stones and the earth – because sometimes I feel like just putting my hands in the ground, and just disappearing; to be the same with this ground.

And these stones or semi-precious stones, they have more fine or delicate vibrations.

So it’s like meditation for me actually. It’s not working, it’s not doing something, but dissolving myself into this.

With some stones, it’s like a reflection. They are not talking to me like people, but sometimes I feel some pull to take a stone, to just sit and watch and see. And I see nothing, I see what’s going on here and… (Bhauli becomes silent) Yeah.


I feel when I use jewelry with certain stones, I feel more calm. And when I feel I’m tired and need some push, I use other kinds of stones.

Ruby for example, it’s a very sparkly and energy-giving stone. Moonstones calm you down.

There is obsidian, it’s actually not a stone, it’s from volcanic eruptions – it’s glass. “Apache tears” they’re called in America, this very beautiful name. And these obsidians, they take everything that is hiding in you, and take this upwards. They say, “nothing could be hidden from obsidian.”

Apache tears take negativity from you, cleansing your aura, cleansing your energy – some blockages will be removed.

I have stones which are just tumbled (smoothed stones), for healing sessions. But in jewelry it’s also like a healing session, but some people feel this connection, some not. It depends on your synchronicity with these stones. Everything depends on you.

So you’re saying if you’re not open to the energy of the stone it won’t help?
It will work, of course, but it works in a very subtle level. And some people think, “Ah it doesn’t work for me.” It works, but if people are too much in the head, they cannot feel this.


Creativity was very natural for me, from Baba came the spirit of freedom – it was the main goal for me, and then this openness or freeing of energy, and it just found its own way how to express itself…

It’s not like some painters or jewelers who work every day from nine to five or something. No, I could just take paper and paint, or sit and do something with jewelry up to two o’ clock in the night. So it is very chaotic actually, when I see it now, but together it was like a wave, flowing. I didn’t think about or plan something.

If somebody asked me, “Why did you do it?” I don’t know. I started to do it for me, because I was young, and I thought (laughs), like the Russian writer Chekov said, everything in a human being must be fine and beautiful – and face, and soul, and thoughts – everything. So everything must be fine and beautiful. So I did it – what I thought was beautiful for me. But then I discovered that many people liked that, and said, “Oh it’s beautiful.” Okay, so, beautiful.



check out the slideshow for more pictures:


Deva Dasha lives in Norway in a patch of mystical mountains populated with nature spirits, dwarves and moose. Her interests include smelling, laughing, loving and being sensitive with an open heart. She wishes peace to all beings in the universe.




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