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Berry Delight Cake

Posted on: July 1st, 2020 by rachana

We like to treat our guests to delicious desserts. These are of course also healthy and very tasty. What a delight! Find here the recipe of our Berry Delight Cake.


Ingredients (for 8 good size slices or 12 smaller ones)



-115 g almonds

-25 g sunflower seeds

-180 g fresh dates, pitted

-15 ml coconut oil

-pinch of salt



-125 g cashew nuts, soaked for a couple of hours

-50 ml coconut oil

-75 g honey or maple syrup

-1/2 lemon, zest and juice



-50 g frozen raspberries

-50 g frozen strawberries

-50 g frozen blueberries




To make the base:

place almonds and sunflower seeds in a food processor and run it for 1 minute or 2. Add dates, coconut oil and salt and process until it all comes together.

Evenly spread the base over the bottom of a cake tin (the best is to use a non-stick tin with removable bottom. If you don’t have one, use any tin available and line it with baking paper; this will help removing the cake from it afterwards).

Keep base in the fridge while you make the filling.


To make the filling:

place coconut oil and honey or maple syrup in a small saucepan and warm over low heat until they become liquid; stir to combine.

Drain cashews and place in a food processor. Add lemon juice, zest and the oil and honey/maple syrup mixture. Run the processor for a few minutes, until you obtain a very smooth mixture without any bits of cashew (it should have a creamy texture).

Remove tin from the fridge. Pour filling over the base of the cake and make it even with a spatula. Freeze for 30 minutes or so (until the filling is set).


To make the topping:

take berries out of the freezer some time in advance so that they thaw a little (you can do this before you start making the cake).

Place all berries in a food processor or blender and run till you obtain a smooth puree. Bring cake out of the freezer and pour topping over it, spreading it evenly over the cake with a spatula.

Place cake in the freezer again until the topping is set.


Remove the cake from the freezer 20 minutes before serving. The cake should be cold and firm, but not very hard.

If you want to decorate it, you can sprinkle some lemon zest over it just before serving. You can also add some fresh berries.



With love from Satori Kitchen

Finally!! Modini´s Raw Brownie

Posted on: November 4th, 2012 by admin No Comments

This weekend I have been having a great time cooking in the Mindfulness Group. Feeling focused and very happy to be here and create and serve a lovely group of people.

Many of you might remember the “Raw Brownie” (Yeah, it really became THE raw brownie :=), which we served in the Summer Retreat this summer, and which was also sold in the Babaji Shop during the retreat. So many of you have asked for the recipe, so guys, here it finally comes. Enjoy!

Love Modini



2 cups walnuts

2 1/2 cups dates, soft

1 cup raw cacao

1 ts seasalt

1/2 cup almonds



Place the walnuts in a food processor and blend, be careful not to blend to long, than you will end up with a nut butter and this is not what we want here. Just blend until finely ground.

Add the cacao and the salt, blend again. Than you start to add the dates by putting them in the tube of the food processor, a few at a time while it keeps blending. Keep going until all dates are combined with the nuts. The result will be a soft, still compact ball of dough. Add chopped almonds with you hands. Press the dough into a form and place in refrigerator to set. You can also keep this in the freezer and take out a slice when you feel for a treat or get a surprise visit, thus this cake doesnt need any defrost time.

Enjoy this healthy snack!

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