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River Symphony No. 4

Posted on: November 9th, 2018 by rachana

Line (Leena) Nyborg held her 8th writing course “Skriv nå” in Dharma Mountain last month. Once again it was a popular event for creative souls to gather and dive into the realm of words and language.

Under Leenas guidance and with the help of nature many beautiful and inspiring texts and anecdotes were born into existence and shared among the participants. We would like to present one example here on our blog.


River Symphony No. 4

Text and Photo by Rachana

The river’s melody ties a warm ribbon round my waist. Made of dark fur, a soft and steady presence. Almost unnoticable, yet it is there all the time like the cozy sofa in the living room. A sofa that is standing there, innocent and hospitable, and that is just waiting for you to sit down and relax. My feet are being pulled towards it like a magnet and my body finally can sink down into the fluffy cushions of moss. That way I settle back into the river’s song and start to unwind. I am enjoying the concert that the wind presents today. Is this Mozart or Bach? A few boisterous sounds from the thick maple branches remind me of contrabasses. The choir of tall and slim poplar trees tells a story about the dark and sad times in life. Rustlings and swishings of all the little leaves are tickling in my ears: fortissimo, the violins are skipping away with the melody… the tension in the air rises. My heart is beating faster. Which instrument is next? – I get up from the sofa. I remember why I never really liked classical music.



Would you like to get started with writing, too?

Follow Leena’s instructions for an outdoor writing exercise that prepared the ground for Rachanas River Symphony No. 4.

Go out in nature and connect with all senses. Instead of going somewhere, doing something, see if you can receive and take in whatever is there.

Instead of looking out, don’t focus on anything in particular, but let the view come into your eyes.

Feel your feet when you walk, the air against your chin. Sounds, close and far away. Smells.

Find a place to sit down. Write down with as many details as possible:

  1. Smell
  2. Sound
  3. Feeling in your body
  4. Sight
  5. Add a thought, a feeling, something impossible or absurd, a crazy idea. Whatever comes without censorship.
  6. Give the text a title.


Would you like to go deeper through writing?

Come and join Leena’s and Savini’s next course from 4 – 7 april 2019: “Self-discovery through writing”


LeenaNyborg Leena is a writer. She also works in the kitchen in Dharma Mountain. More about Line (Leena) Nyborg:  





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