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Flowers of Gratitude, Freedom and Joy

Posted on: July 12th, 2019 by rachana

The first “Inn i naturen/ Into nature” weekend happened at Dharma Mountain end of June. It was an amazingly beautiful caleidoscope of different aspects of nature including wild plants, ecology, permaculture, meditation, creativity.

Rita Amundsen was among the workshop leaders – and her loving way to talk about the wild and eatable plants was fascinating to witness. Sitting around her in the high grass and listening to her stories was delightful. To taste all the different flowers and plants we felt nourished in body and soul.

Originally from Finland, Rita resides now in Norway. She started to use just a couple of wild plants in her food at the beginning, and over the years she added more and more plants. In 2016 she started “one wild year”: 365 days with wild plants in her meals, documented daily on her instagramm account.

That is also her main advice for us to start with just a few plants that we know and feel safe with, and then use them and use them and use them, and learn through it, follow the plant throughout the year and through different seasons. Become friends with them. When you feel ready then add some new ones to your menu.


Pickled dandelion buds


Asked about how she experienced the weekend in Dharma Mountain, she summed it up in three words: Gratitude, Freedom, Joy.



 I am very grateful to have been invited to come to Dharma Mountain. It was my first time here, I had heard about it before, I have passed by and know some people connected to it. So finally I could come and enjoy this beautiful place.

The whole weekend was so dedicated to nature, and the whole package of all the people, all the workshops and the area and atmosphere here, it was just one big highlight to be here. Everything was so inspiring. I definitely would like to come back!

Nettle pesto with red clover



The feeling of freedom was very strong. The whole weekend I walked barefoot, and I slept in my hammock here in this sweet little forest. I do not need so many things to be happy. I even forgot my suitcase at home and realized it was good to be free of so many things.

 Walking through the forest early this morning I placed my hand on my heart and the first feeling that came to me was that of freedom. This is truly a place here where you are free to be yourself. I hope this weekend has inspired many to be more free or more themselves.

Wild garlic aioli with spruce tips



And of course joy, that just comes naturally when you feel grateful and free.

There are many things in life that bring me joy.

One moment during this weekend was at the end of my wild plants presentation. I can sense a change in energy when I go through nature. With wood sorrel the energy is always very light and fairylike. After my presentation we spontaneously visited a batch of wood sorrel nearby, and everyone in the group could feel some nice energy. That was a special moment of joy for me.

Another thing I always love is to decorate food, to make it look nice and beautiful, to create meals like mandalas, that is my meditation. It gives me a lot of joy, and also to see the smiles and happy faces of the participants at Saturday’s dinner. We had a wonderful time. Thank you very much. Also thank you to the people who helped forage and prepare some of the food in advance.

Pesto from Lady’s mantle, spruce tips and ground elder


Thank you Rita, and everyone who came! Welcome back into the nature!


Find some more impressions about the weekend “Inn i naturen” on our Facebook page.




More about Rita Amundsen: Rita lives in Bærum, Norway, and holds courses about wild eatable plants and fermentation.







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