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Pearls under the Full Moon

Posted on: March 22nd, 2019 by anurati2

The world is an oyster.

Pearls are growing


Let go –

and let them shine

under the full moon.


Almost midnight. I sink deeper.

Into a maw full of cold dark water.

Naked. There is nothing to hide.

A kiss. A soft touch. Bliss

is floating in the river

of love

under the full moon.


All trees, including me,

standing rooted in the snow.

A circle of eyes watching in awe

the birth in slow-motion.

Hair and leaves dance in the wind,

swaying softly back and forth, we are


under the full moon.


Treetops bite like black teeth

into the violet sky.

Five furry pairs of ears listening

to the white silence.

Breath is breathing me,

surfing on the runners of the sled.

Six hearts united in relaxation.

All boundaries are gone

under the full moon.


Poem by Rachana

Photo by Raahi 



Rachana150H_02Rachana loves trees and snow and dogs. After long travels she now lives in Hedalen. Being a sannyasin gives her the love and the energy to be creative and make life more beautiful.













Now or Never – Biodanza New Year 2019

Posted on: January 18th, 2019 by rachana

Seeing my old friends gave me a high
With the new ones, I’ve been a bit shy

With “Tunnel of Love” I felt a shift
In the evening, I received a gift

I broke down, so my room mates held me
They are the sweetest souls that can be

In the first days, I had so much pain
But then I chose to not use my cane

I just knew, I had to go “all in”
Leave the pain, and feel what was within

I have some stuff I have to let go
“It’s Now or Never” to let things flow

The teachers encouraged me to strive
With dances that made me feel alive

My shaking started and set me free
Freeleasing some of that energy

Energy of what I mostly fear
It fades away when I have you near

Seeing kindness in all your faces
I thank you for all your embraces

With seeing Orion up above
I got the vision to “rise in love”

And on my journey in the new year
The memories from this, I’ll keep dear


Poem by Kikki Sommerfelt

Photo: Biodanza with Unni Heim, Mukti Gathering 2014


In Dharma Mountain we started the New Year 2019 with our traditional Biodanza New Years Retreat that Unni Heim facilitated for the 8th time! The dancing and the rituals created a loving atmosphere and a great frame to let go, to heal and to start afresh into the New. Like the journey of these things began for our participant Kikki who wrote this beautiful poem on New Year’s Eve, and shared it with us on the last morning of the retreat.




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