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What a Wonderful World

Posted on: August 23rd, 2019 by rachana

Mikael’s letter to the mystic Vasant Swaha (summer retreat 2019)

Beloved Swaha, I’ve never been much of a writer, but at Dharma Mountain I suddenly was writing every day. There is especially one story, about my grandfather, that I would like to share.

In his younger days he was highly respected and wise, with a good job in the construction industry, a loving wife, 3 sons, 7 grandchildren, a house and 2 cabins. He had made it, now it was time to relax and enjoy.

But as time went on he got sick and tired of life. He had no longer a purpose. He would just sit in front of the TV and wait to get served food by my grandmother. He got grumpy, rude, angry, stubborn and careless.

One day at the age of 87 he got sent to the hospital, the doctors said he would not survive the night. So we went to say goodbye. As he was squeezing my hand, I could sense he didn’t want to let go.

He survived that night and from the next day, it was like someone else had entered his body. He became happy, sensitive, funny and childish.

For the next five years the only things that mattered for him were ice cream, spending time with his grandchildren, breathing fresh air and listening to his favourite song, “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.

Eigil Hope (1926-2018)

Last year he passed away, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with his wife, my grandmother, on a bus trip to celebrate their 60th year of marriage. And his last words were: “Der er det jeg som bestemmer!” – “That is my decision; that’s me who is in control.” Oddly enough, the church had finally given their approval of playing my grandfather’s favourite song in church, scheduled for the day after. And so they did.


Thank you, Swaha, for creating this amazing place and atmosphere at Dharma Mountain, I feel so at home.






What a wonderful world, what a precious life, indeed.

Don’t waste the time that you have on this planet. Don’t wait until you are old or sick, start being grateful and playful now, today.

That is what is happening in Dharma Mountain, we celebrate the beauty of life, here and now … just by meditation, dance, creativity, nature and many more things.

When will you enjoy your next ice cream and some good music?






Photo credit:  Photos in video by Lavanya Oda Eikås; Ice cream by Valeria Boltneva (Pexels); Louis Armstrong by Herbert Behres/NationalArchive.
Video credit: Video making by Veena Sandring, Song “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, Album “I love Mom”, Songwriter Bob Thiele & Georg D. Weiss, Link to Original Song

The mind is like a teenager

Posted on: February 1st, 2019 by anurati2
The mind is like a teenager, 
living in my house. 
Always restless and grumpy. 
Always looking for his phone.  
Occupied with his friends’ opinions 
and how to be seen. 
Creating a mess around him 
and complaining about it afterwards.
The belly is so wise and quiet. 
Not saying anything,
not being disturbed. 
Just sitting
waiting patiently for the rascal to grow up.
Sometimes he is out running with his friends.
Then the belly enjoys so much
the silence 
and spaciousness spreading in the house.
Oh belly, oh belly! 
I want to curl up in your soft lap 
and rest forever 
in your quiet embrace.







written by Leena in a letter to Swaha during one of Swaha’s Retreats.

Photos from Unsplash: Teenagers on street by rawpixel; The Koala by Chris Saur.


LeenaNyborg Leena is a writer. She also works in the kitchen in Dharma Mountain. More about Line (Leena) Nyborg:  








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