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In The Fairyland Forest

Posted on: November 8th, 2019 by rachana

In the fairyland forest
I find my joy, my inner child.
I can’t stop smiling.

Such abundant beauty in all I see
With eyes of innocence.

With Ella puppy’s guidance we
find a comfortable home,
A place to rest and share.

The ground is soft and fragrant of the forest.
I find the most delightful piece of fungus, like seaweed,
such a beautiful specimen.

The wind waves in the trees and I am alerted to it through the sound.
We rest now acknowledging it and giving our thanks and love back
to this magical space.


Wind waves in the magical forest


Text by Jo Nandana Jones, written during a guided forest therapy walk at Dharma Mountain.

Photos and Video by Rachana Brand and Jo Nandana Jones.


Nandana loves being in the beautiful silent forests. They are her playground for all the senses, and only thinking about it makes her smile.






Dancing Poetry

Posted on: October 11th, 2019 by rachana

Aishani shares that after the summer retreat this year, she felt something changed. More focus inward and a feeling that the heart will have more space. So she dares to express herself from the heart and has a longing to be more alive. In the last weeks three beautiful poems came:


Want to dance

Joy fills up the body

My feet are being dragged onto the dance floor

Want to dance

Wild and playful


Volume on full blast

Hands in the air

Bon Jovi is coming to help



Where does the energy come from

From the wind outside

Maybe it is always there

Mystery of life


A new moment arrives

The body wants to rest

Awareness goes inside





I can have fun


Buy new clothes

Have desires

Satisfy the senses




Gives more



Being deeply touched

In the heart

By Love



Dissatisfaction in the body

Dissatisfaction in the body


Go for a walk


Watch TV

There is something deeper

Tears are pressing

What’s missing

Heart contact


Who I really am.


A yearning

I’m listening


Come come

I hear

More tears

Feeling the chair

Supporting my back

Everything is perfectly okay

Embraced by Silence.




Poems by Aishani Nyheim.

Photo by Lavanya Oda Eikås.



Aishani is a lover of dance and playfulness. In that, she finds so much joy and happiness.








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