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Singing to the Goddesses

Posted on: March 8th, 2019 by rachana

It is women’s day. At Dharma Mountain we would like to celebrate the feminine qualities today by sharing a rare glimpse into one of our “Singing from the Heart” sessions with you!

Experience the beautiful and joyful energy. Singing from the heart is not about hitting the right tunes, it is about opening your heart and let the happiness flow through your whole body. It is like a meditation. Let the vibrations of the ancient mantras do the healing while you just sit back, relax and sing along!


In the first mantra we will be singing “Jay Durga, Jay Kali”. Jay means victory. So we will be singing “Victory to Durga, victory to Kali.” In Hindu mythology, both Durga and Kali are representations of the same feminine power called ‘Shakti’.

Although they represent different aspects, both Durga and Kali are symbolizing that the good defeats the evil. Or put differently: that the consciousness wins over the unconsciousness.

Durga is the aspect of giving birth and feeding. She is like a mother, very protective, willing to fight against anything wrong. Kali does not look like the beautiful feminine woman, with a necklace of chopped heads around her neck. She is, though, the destroyer of negativity, of the mind, destroyer of any illusion. So both have a lot of strength.


When we sing this mantra it is giving support to our own inner strength. Meaning the strength to defeat the unconsciousness, the strength to trust our heart, to not go with our mind.


In the second mantra we will sing to the Ancient Mother. We will be honouring her different female expressions throughout time and across many cultures and religions. It is also an opportunity to connect to the calling of your own heart. Because your own heart is the Ancient Mother. Because your own heart belongs to the eternal. Where everything came from and where everything will return to. And that is the Ancient Mother.

Happy Women’s Day! 🙂


Lyrics „Jay Durga, Jay Kali“

Durge Durge Durge jay jay ma,

Maaaaaaa Jagadambe,

Hey ma Kali ma, Hey ma Kali ma,

Durga Durga Jay Jay Jay

Kali Kali Jay Jay Jay

Durga Durga Jay Jay Jay

Ma Ma Ma Ma.


Lyrics „Ancient Mother“:

Ancient mother I hear you calling,

Ancient mother I hear your song,

Ishtar, Ceredwin, Hecate, Inanna, Isis, Artemis, Sjophia, Athena, Coatilicue, Aphrodithe, Mielikki, Astarte, Gaia, Saraswati, Kali

Pele, Paso Wee, Demeter, Parvati, Hera, Akewa, Diana, Nidaba, Chicomecoatl, Lilith, Shkina, Morgana, Maya, Izanami, Shakti


Dakini Dakini is a lover of flowers and music. With her voice she has a gift to express pure softness and touch the hearts of everyone around her. Dakini holds concerts and workshops in different places in Norway.  More info: Dakini-Retreats, Workshops, Mantra Singing.

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