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Natural Deodorant Recipe, the Facts and the Test

Posted on: March 9th, 2017 by leena

Ordinary deodorants are bad for you – but does a natural deodorant really work?

We tested it out!

It all began with both of us wanting to try out a more natural choice of deodorant. But are the normal deodorants that you buy in the shop really that bad?

A closer investigation of the ingredients in traditional deodorants, showed that they contain aluminum, which inhibits the sweat glands and their functions. Various types of salt are also used to prevent the body from breaking down the other chemicals to fast. And then, even more chemicals are added to prevent the skin from reacting to the alcohol and perfume used.

We decided to give a more natural, chemical-free deodorant a try.


Natural deodorant – The recipe:

2 Tbs baking soda

5 Tbs Coconut oil

2 Tbs Corn or potato flour

10 Drops of Ethereal scent oil (or more).







Try out what scent you like best – men will often like the smell of bergamot and sandalwood, while women will fall for the soft scent of rose, lily or lavender.

Mix until everything is well blended. Place in a suitable container with a lid, for instance a glass jar.

The Test!

As we all know, natural solutions doesn’t always work as well as intended. We had to put it to the ultimate norwegian test: Cross country skiing!


We hit the slopes with skis covered in blue Swix and our armpits covered in natural deodorant.

The sun was shining, the snow was like powder, the slopes fresh and the oranges had never tasted better after some kilometers of steady skiing.

Three hours later we returned to the cabin, very much ready for a warm shower.

But, we decided to push the test even further by waiting two more hours.

After a thorough examination of both test-subjects, the conclusion was clear:

Natural deodorant works! And it seems, even better than traditional deodorants. We have never smelled better after skiing.

From that day on, we have only used natural, homemade deodorant.

It is heartily recommended.

Ordinary DEO – The chemical facts

As mentioned, most ordinary deodorants contain the three following subtances.

Aluminum, Disodium / Trisodium(EDTA) and Polupropylene Glycol(PPG)

Aluminum as a chemical, is a neurotoxin inhibiting the sweat glands functions, sweating.

Several tests have shown remains of this chemical in the tissue surrounding the armpits.

Disoduim or Trisodium, is a salt added to prevent the body from breaking down other chemicals used in the deodorant. This is promoted as Antiperspirant.

Polupropylene Glycol acts as a lubricator or moisturizer, to avoid reactions in the skin from the other chemicals used. Such as, perfumes and alcohol.


leena-hamid-smallLeena and Hamid are probably the most professional skiers in the sangha.






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