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The smile of a dragonfly

Posted on: October 26th, 2018 by rachana

The trees were naked. The sky a soft, woolen blanket grey and lazy over the mountain tops. I was walking on the gravel road down to the river. 

Yesterday afternoon it had been raining heavily. In the night there was frost. Now the forest floor was full of frozen water droplets, like jewels of diamonds and pearls.


The cold, crispy air on my face. The sound of my shoes on the gravel. The silence, that expands when I listen to it. I love this time of year.

I almost stepped on him. He was laying there, in the middle of the road, with his wings dressed in shining diamonds. Frozen. Dead, I assumed.

I stopped by his beauty. Kneeled down to see him close. To study the drawings of his wings, the color of his body.

Carefully I put my fingers underneath him, to lift him up. His feet grabbed my finger. I saw them, they were designed almost like these axes climbers are using, when they climb ice or mountains. I didn´t know if it was a sign of life, or if it was just the form of his feet that gave the impression that he grabbed my finger.

I carried him home, to study his beauty with my camera. I brought a rock from the forest, and placed him on the rock on the table in my room.

For hours I immersed myself in photographing him his delicate wings, the intense blue color while his frozen jewels slowly melted into water.


Outside the window, just above the Ganesha mountain top a crack appeared in the grey. A ray of shining. Suddenly he moved, he stretched his front legs, lifted his upper body.

I stopped. Saw him as a being. Sat down, and looked into his face.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of dragonflies, their fine wings and strong colors. But never before have I looked into the face of one, and never would I have thought I would see what I saw; the smile of a dragonfly.


He placed one foot in front of the other, lifted first his upper body. Then the back part, like he was stretching and bowing down.

I asked google, if dragonflies are dying or hibernating when the autumn comes. I didn´t find a clear answer. There are many types of dragonflies.

But carefully I carried my new friend outside, found a safe place for him, where no cats or cars would come. I laid a hand on my heart, touched by the mystery of an autumn morning with nature stripped naked, dressed only in jewels of diamonds and pearls and the smile of a dragonfly.


Text & Photos by Savini Aspholt





Savini has been involved in the work around Swaha’s retreats for many years. She enjoys writing and photography, and loves to dive into the depths of her own soul and of the forest. More about Savini:







Pimp your Water

Posted on: September 9th, 2016 by raahi

how to make natural juicy water.

If we are lucky, there still could be some days of the summer lovin’ left.
And we all know how important it is to hydrate. Especially in these beautiful late summer nights.
What could be better then to add some natural flavor to you drink?

Those of us who were lucky enough to have lunch at Dharma Mountain this summer, might remember these delicious flavors, and maybe your mouth is already starting to water, at the mere memory of these drinks. Here are the recipes that will make your skin glow and your mouth smile.

We don’t have measures, just taste them til you find the right flavor for you.

Ginger and lemon water:
make an infusion with the ginger (cut it up and put it in a pan with water just covering it. Let it boil for around 20 minutes)
Add lemon juice and honey to the infusion.
Take out the ginger pieces and top up with cold water

Rosemary and orange water:
make an infusion with fresh rosemary leaves (put the rosemary in a jug, add a little hot water and let it sit for around 20 minutes)
Put the “tea” through a sieve and discard the rosemary leaves.
Add orange juice and honey and top up with cold water.

Banana and lemon water:
Whizz a banana or two in a blender.
Add lemon juice and top up with cold water

Watermelon and lemon water:
Put some pieces of watermelon in the mixer and put it through a sieve to get rid of the seeds.
Add lemon juice and top up with cold water.

Mint, lemon and honey water:
make an infusion with some fresh mint leaves.
Let it sit for 20 minutes and discard the mint.
Add lemon juice and honey and top up with cold water.

Berry water:
Put any berries of your liking in the blender.
Put them through a sieve and discard the seeds.
Mix this with cold water.

Tea water:
If there is any fruit tea or herbal tea you like, you can make a strong infusion with it (let the herbs or teabags sit in hot water for around 20 minutes).
Discard the herbs/teabags and top up with cold water (you can add honey to the infusion if you like)

Fruit water:
pick any fruit you like and put some of it a blender (mango, pineapple, papaya and orange, passionfruit, star fruit or a mix…)
Put it through a sieve (if you don’t like to find bits in the water) and mix this purée with cold water (you can decorate the water with pieces/slices of the fruit)
You can always use fresh fruits or herbs to decorate the water (just add them once the water is ready) Bear in mind that if you use oranges and lemons for decorations, they should be organic (chemicals stay in the peel and when soaked in water they are released). If you don’t have organic ones, peel them before you put them in the water.

Love from the happy Dharma Kitchen.


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