Tantra with Svarup and Premartha

Tantra – Sexual Deconditioning

Tantra teaches us to return to the natural inside – to start listening to your body and senses. To open up to the natural state of sensuality that flows inside of us, and to give way to its expression in whatever feels good or right to you.

As children, our nature is sensuous and life affirmative. We love to experience the world through our little bodies and through our senses. As adolescence starts, we experience a reawakening of this energy, this time with the added strength of growing towards adulthood. We start to become aware of a world of possibilities lying beyond our family boundaries. A new sense of friendship and intimacy is born. We want to experience and explore all that this new world offers.

When the innocence of the child grows into the strength of our youth, we need a new support. This time, the support is needed to help us find our own way into the world. This allows us to discover what we like, and what not, and what are healthy and what are unhealthy boundaries. We need to learn how we can approach our sexuality in a safe way, and yet give it a chance to be felt. Much of the support by the adults around us in that time has been lacking. Either it has been replaced by a denial and rejection, or by control. We have absorbed this attitude, and now, as adults, we tend to treat this youthful energy inside of us in the same way as they did. We become repressive or indulgent, but in both cases we do not really feel ourselves.

As adults, to have access to the great potential of curiosity, energy and creativity that grows in that time, we need to liberate the adolescent inside of us. In a loving and meditative surrounding, we need to explore the issues of that time and rediscover the richness of essence that is contained there. Without pleasure, freedom, intimacy, sharing, our lives are poor. To again open up to the richness of this pre-adult period, and to integrate it into our existence now, is what will bring joy to our being and an abundance to our lives.

To attend this group, you will be required to have done Primal before. This will create a safe and intimate feeling for all the participants. If you haven’t done Primal before check Svarup and Premartha’s website here.

 Premartha and Svarup
Dharma Mountain is a place full of friendliness and silence. It is beautiful to work with tantra in this surrounding, with seekers and fellow travelers.” Svarup & Premartha

Svarup and Premartha held a Primal group at Dharma Mountain in January 2014 and their vast experience, compassion and love together with the energy of the Buddha-field gave the participants a deep and healing process. We are very happy they are coming back to continue to do their beautiful work here.

Price and booking

NOK 10.800,- *

*To confirm your participation for the group, we kindly ask you to pay a nonrefundable deposit of NOK 1.200 within July 18th 2015. If you pay the deposit later than July 18th, we will charge an extra NOK 1.200,- and the total price will be NOK 12.000. Please transfer the remaining payment for the group to our bank account by 11th August.

For booking or more information: welcome@dharmamountain.com
Dharma Mountain (+ 47) 94 89 10 10.

Please pay to Dharma Mountain bank account:
Dharma Mountain AS
Account number 1594 44 22533
IBAN: NO 29 1594 44 22533
Swift/Bic-adress: DNBANOKK

0021 Oslo

Practical information
The group will start on Tuesday 18th August  at 1700 and end on Monday 24 August after lunch.

About the accommodation:

You will share a cabin with few other friends. Each cabin has two bedrooms, with two beds in each room. One cabin has 3 bedrooms. There will be two persons in each room. Every cabin has its own bathroom.

• Bedlinen and towels can be rented for 190 NOK
• If you want to come one day earlier / stay one night longer the price per extra night is 450 NOK.

How to get there:
You can go by car or by bus.

You take the Bus to Nes i Ådal (This line is called 161 Valdresekspressen). From there you take a taxi 15 minutes. It is easy and not expensive to share taxi with other people for the last part of the journey.


More about Svarup and Premartha

Premartha and Svarup are lovers, friends and partners.

They have been working together since 1986. Out of their combined experience, they have created a large variety of groups, courses and trainings. The focus of their work lies on Childhood and Sexual Deconditioning. Both are trained teachers in the Essence work. Together they developed the Childhood Deconditioning process, an in-depth individual journey of ten sessions into childhood, going backwards from schooltime until conception. Trainings in this method are offered at the major Osho centers in Europe.

They have published two books; “Twice born. Healing the past – creating a new future” and “The little Buddha and the Cosmos”.

Swami Anand Premartha is a disciple of Osho since 1979. He studied Arts in Amsterdam, and has been trained as a spiritual therapist at the RIMU, Oregon, USA. He is the cocreator of the Childhood Deconditioning Process, and offers trainings on this method in Europe. He has been leading for many years the Fresh Beginnings course in Poona, and offers groups on Primal and Tantra, relating, sexuality and the inner child in the different Meditation Centers in Europe

Ma Satyam Svarup is a disciple of Osho since 1984. She studied Philosophy and Astrology in Rome, and Psychotherapy with R.D.Laing in London, where she ran one of his therapeutic communities for several years. In Poona she has been leading the Fresh Beginnings course and leads in Europe and Poona Primal and Tantra groups, and courses about childhood, adolescence and relating. She is cocreator of the Childhood Deconditioning process. She is also trained in various Sufi techniques, which she combines with her therapeutic work.

If you want more information about the group, you are welcome to contact us.

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