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The Way of the White Clouds

20. August 2015
“A white cloud is a mystery, it moves everywhere.
All dimensions belong to it.
Hence I call my way
the way of the white clouds.


“A white cloud is the poetic symbol
for a man of freedom,
a sannyasin.”
– Vasant Swaha –

The Way of the White Clouds
was the name of the retreat with Vasant Swaha during this summer at Dharma Mountain. Here are one collage and two poems that were created during the retreat.

Under elven er det gull
by Veena

Det er bare
Som vet det

Jeg satt
Helt stille

Så lenge at elven ble
Av å bruse seg
Sliten elv

Og jeg
Kunne se
Helt til

Where are you going?
by Mallika

We are not going, we just are.

But you where just here, and now you are not here.

Such is our nature. We are there, then we are not there. But we don’t go anywhere.

We have no intention.

No direction.

No desires.

We take form, we exist, then we dissolve.

Now you are here again, just a moment ago you where not.

Such is our nature.

But where do you go?

We don’t go. We are moving with the wind, dancing with existence.

Don’t you get scared?

We have no mind, there is no fear.

Can I come with you?

Yes, when you become like us, then you will also move like us. Dance with us.

How do I become like you?

You already are like us, you have just forgotten.

How can I remember?

Don’t worry about that, you are already starting to remember.

How can you know?

We know. You are having a conversation with the clouds

Babaflower small 2B

“The whole work is to get rid of that which is unnatural.

When you become natural, then everything is flowering,

blooming by itself.

It is not a doing,

you just have to create the right garden, the right soil.

Then surrender happens spontaneously,

out of you own seeing,

out of your own understanding.”

Vasant Swaha​

(collage by Sujan)


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