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In 2000, we bought this beautiful place in the heart of the mountains of southern Norway, to create an oasis where one can come and enjoy a lifestyle rich in healthy food, nature, space and wellness – basically a place to come back to oneself. Our main activity is to organize the meditation retreats of Vasant Swaha, and in addition to this we love to be hosts for other activities.  The beauty of this place, the good food and the loving people that come here and work here, makes people come back again and again. 





Dharma Mountain, the story

Dharma Mountain is a place where we can learn and practice to live in harmony in our everyday life.

The word “Dharma” comes from sanskrit, and can be translated as “the universal law“, or “that which upholds or supports”.  

The retreats with Vasant Swaha, our “life coach” happen every year in July, often in January, and for shorter periods and weekends throughout the year.

Dharma Mountain is constantly expanding. Over the years, more and more people have come here from all corners of the world. To accommodate them, new buildings have been constructed, older buildings have been modernized and the beautiful parks and gardens are growing and flourishing.


Meditation, a presence 

As we see it, meditation is simply another word for presence.  The word “meditation” is often associated with eastern traditions, but presence is a quality all humans across the world experience in different ways. Presence, or call it meditation, brings a more vibrant quality to our everyday life, which again is opening to a deeper connection with ourselves.




The atmosphere of peacefulness, natural beauty and joy of life that exists here has made this place a natural meeting-point for meditators from all over the world. Over the years, many have chosen to move to the area and be closer to what is happening here around Dharma Mountain.


Vasant Swaha, our inspiration

As we mentioned, this place was bought to host the retreats of  Vasant Swaha. His retreats are the source that inspires us to live as gracefully as possible.  We may call him a teacher, friend, mystic, master, guide or guru. As we see him, he is a living example of someone who is in balance with the Dharma – the universal law. And through the retreats, he shares from his playfulness, silence and wisdom.



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