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Gluten free waffles with tapioca

22. January 2015

Last summer we had four chickens at Dharma Mountain – three hens and one rooster. But later in the autum, Nature showed us that only two of them where hens…

The first egg came on the 7th December – the birthday of the proud chicken owner : ) The joy of this event resulted in a happy get-together breakfast with first a No Dimension Meditation and then coffee and waffles. Maybe you would like to try out this recipe?

5-6 eggs (preferably fresh from your own hens)
A glass of kefir
Some cinnamon and cardamom
About one glass of of tapioca* flour
A couple of glasses of buckwheat or rice flour
A glass of milk or soy milk, or more if needed to make the dough more liquid
50-100 grams of melted butter

Use plenty of butter for each waffle when you fry them in the waffle pan so they become brittle.

One glass = approximately 2 dl

One hot tip is to use some old soured milk or sour cream in the waffle dough.

Serve with white cheese, brown cheese, jam, honey, butter or Snøfrisk.

* tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava root (Manihot esculenta). You might go to a healthstore or an international grocery store to get it.


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