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31. December 2016

Our first cookbook is out! It’s dedicated to the beginning of the day, whenever that is for you…

Dharma Mountain has for the two last years been part of a project with Innovasjon Norge. We got funding to rebuild our kitchen, and also got money to print a cookbook.

But how to make a cookbook? None of us have done that before, we just had to jump! Luckily many friends wanted to be involved and all with different talents. We made a list of who does what – but during the weeks, we changed roles, did things we have never done before, played and had fun!


The book is in gratitude to our Beloved Swaha who wakes up our sleepy hearts and to our Mother Earth who gives us so much to enjoy!

Behind this book is also;


 …much laughter and joy!


…much awareness and creativity!


….many happy bellies!


….moments of chaos and clarity!


….some excitement and relaxation!



….mystic handcraft and surprises!


Finally the book launch day is here and the book is ready!


Happy contributers and happy buyers! We hope you will enjoy it too!

Waking up can be a joy!


WakeUp_cover_Recipe_book_ You can pick up a copy next time you are at Dharma Mountain.





anurati Dharma Mountain Meditation and Freedom Resort


Anurati works at Dharma Mountain. She loves to dance, listening to birds and being in the flow and joy of creativity. 




"We love to cook with awareness and joy - and we are happy to serve you some of the best receipies from our ´Satori´ kitchen. Try it out here…or even better visit us!"

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