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Why I Love Sitting Meditation

5. June 2015

Why I Love Sitting Meditation

I’m sitting down, eyes closed and relaxed

I’m firmly seated

Feeling my breath

Thoughts come flowing

I let them flow

Feeling my breath

It’s calm

My eyes are so relaxed

Don’t need them now

Everything is so calm

Feeling my breath

Feeling the energy throughout my entire body

Turning inwards


Towards my centre. My heart.

My giant, soft heart. Me.

Where there is room for everything.

Where everything may grow and blossom.

Feeling exactly this feeling

Feeling my breath

Feeling the energy

Feeling me, all of me.

Where I can be me. Where I can heal myself

My heart and me.

Feelings, energies, thoughts or memories may show up.

Some good

Some bad

It doesen’t matter

And there may not be room for healing all at once

But it is the best place to start.

Feeling my breath

Feeling my heart.



Hamid lives in Tønsberg, and in Hedalen every now & then, both in Norway! He likes to arrange and make things happen around him. But sometimes, he enjoys doing absolutely nothing, while eating chocolate!


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