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Yummy Potato Salad

19. September 2014

Potato salad with home-made mayonnaise

1 kg potatoes

100 ml mixed oils (olive/sunflower)

(Don’t use only olive oil, because the taste of it will be too strong)

1 eggyolk (yellow part)

1/2 ts dijon mustard

1/2 ss vinegar/lemonjuice

1 ss chopped chives

Start by mixing the egg with mustard in the food processor. Little by little, put in the oil while foodprocessing, slowly, so it does not separate, but not too slow.

After half the oil, add vinegar, salt and the rest of the oil.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into dices, and steam for 10 minutes. Add salt in the water.

When the potatoes are cold, mix everything together.


Dharmapotato salad  Mountain Meditation and Freedom Resort


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